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9thJun 11, 2019 by Akeria
★ = Akeria Critical Acclaim

Daddydev - 7/10 - Girl this coulda been a 9, I like the weave and the skin tone & the bra. But girl what are those lips? Did your lip filler explode? Did you run your lips through a nail filer? They are not matching that skin tone whatsoever sis. I would go for a matte in a variety-brown shade.

ItsAlexia - 8/10 - I like this, it's very mom going to a funeral. However that headpiece needs a change since you can barely see it on that weave (or alternatively you can change your weave color). Would have loved a bigger accessory on that specific weave, but issa cute.

SharonMaItems - 0/10 - girl. GIRL. I don't like this It's weird and everyone has it, I don't like full avas and I don't like that rainbow filter it looks like vomit sorry. You always have cute avas girl don't hide them!

lexeyjane - 8.5/10 - YAS I love this outfit It's very #WearBlackForDiamond. HOWEVER something is off about the hair, it doesn't go well with that specific hat (even tho I like the weave itself). I'd play around with different weaves for this look for sure.

gabrieltrezza - 9/10 - I like this it's very sexy. I like the skin & the snake bites. That blue ombre really works with the sweater. The brows are SO HOT & I hate the OG male brows but these r cute. The only downside to this I guess is the eye shadow above the eye? But I like everything else.

CalebDaBoss - 1/10 - Girl I'm sorry this is god awful, this deserves to be incinerated and have it's ashes thrown out to sea. That background is too much, The lips are too much, that shirt is GOD AWFUL. I'm rlly sorry it's nothing personal x I just wouldn't be caught dead wearing this.

Blitszims - 9.5/10 - YAS I love this so so much. I like that green weave sooo much IDK why. It's very matte green, and not in-your-face green which I love. I love the black bikini with the hat, this is so cute. Those lips go perfectly with the hair, The eyes are cute too but they could be in a better color tbh.

GrrrImABear - 6/10 - I don't hate thisss it's okay. It's a little too promiscuous for me. I've also seen you wear this for like 3 months now.

Colter - 5/10 - Girl imma ignore that nose. I don't know how I feel about this, I feel like nothing really goes together. I wish the outfit had a stronger theme to it, it looks like you were going to a funeral and left half-ready. I've seen you with some really good avas and this falls short of your standards.

JasonXtreme - 5.5/10 - This is strangeee. I'm not a fan of tank tops and I don't really hate anything in this ava, it just does not come together as a pretty look. It has no theme & the whole tank top in winter thing with a crown confuses meee.

Munchies - 10/10 - YAS! First Akeria Critical Acclaim of the day. I love this I love the freckles, the hair, the clothes, I LOVE the fur coat on that dress. I'm obsessed with this, it's so new and chic and 2019. Those eyes in such a pretty color and im so glad you didn't choose ugly gemma eyes. I adore this.

Thumper91 - 8.5/10 - I love this, I love the outfit and the hair. Something is a little off though, maybe in the headband. I'd probably remove that hair accessory. I love this though, it's so cute and I adore these colors so much.

#Colter 2.0 - 7/10 - Getting there. I would change the top for something white. Or I'd remove the hair accessory and keep the top but idk how well that top works with the fur coat.

Peace123 - 8/10 - Yess we stan Akeria designs, we stan women of color and we stan the pearl necklace. I love the lips with the skin tone, it works cute. I wanna say I hate backgrounds but I feel like it'd only look worse without the background LOL so idk. I guess the only reason this isn't rated higher is because you've been wearing that ava for months now.


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