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Guess my accounting exam % Apr 14, 2023
Hint: it won’t be good
Points: 88 13 comments
I can’t wait for Speak Now TV Apr 14, 2023
so everyone can relisten to it and realize how superior it is
Points: 6 1 comments
Nothing coulda prepared me Apr 12, 2023
For the new TD intro to start with “hey whats up im here to slay”
Points: 41 0 comments
I won my first frooks since 2018 Apr 2, 2023
give it up 🥳👏
Points: 48 4 comments
i feel like Apr 2, 2023
i have to go on a apology tour after that frooks D;
Points: 0 1 comments
Sits with my 4k T$ Apr 1, 2023
Some of y’all never learned how to save clearly
Edit: I was just kidding tehe i agree prices should drop
Points: 0 7 comments