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  1. WHO WANTS my double vote token
  3. I feel sorry for the Nick鈥檚 patients
  4. The best Survivor contestant of all time
  5. Join survivor! :)
  6. the only way to win BB
  7. who wants to date?
  8. fuck him then I get some money
  9. Jackson won veto!
  10. BB21 Probability of winning
  11. If tonight is the slippery fill the jar HOH
  12. When is Miley gonna release
  13. No title
  14. is Midsommar good ?
  15. my school schedule >>
  16. lunchtime poll
  17. lunchtime poll
  18. Is Kat or Cliff getting evicted
  19. Who is going to win HOH tonight?
  20. How I hope Love Island ends
  21. they call me Megatron
  22. McCrae, McCrae, McCrae
  23. Kat comes close
  25. We got lucky
  26. Jessica = Janelle
  27. love island
  28. Disappointed
  29. how much u wanna bet
  30. Unpopular opinion
  31. You guys are just jealous
  32. Is it sad
  33. did Jackson stick the cucumber
  34. If Christie uses her mf power this week
  35. maybe Cliff returning wasn鈥檛 so bad 馃憖
  36. I want balls
  37. tonight will be the highlight of BB21
  38. If Sam or Bella wins next HOH
  39. I miss being 12
  40. Does BB purposely cast bullies

lunchtime poll

Aug 12, 2019 by Aidan0621
how would you rank
old Survivor, new Survivor, old Big Brother, new Big Brother


old survivor>new survivor>old big brother>new big brother
Sent by FelipeS,Aug 12, 2019
Old big brother>>>>
Sent by CakelikeEvv,Aug 12, 2019
Old Big Brother > New Survivor > Old Survivor > New Big Brother
Sent by paul028,Aug 12, 2019
The Challenge >>>>>
Sent by tonyalbright,Aug 12, 2019

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