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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Modern Survivor

Apr 17, 2023 by Aidan0621
It used to be like a chess game
Now its like Uno where people just throw out random advantages and shit and it鈥檚 mostly luck based


Yup. It's so dumb. When I hosted CJ's Island Game on Saturday, when we got to the final four, there were no two players that had voted together throughout the whole game even though we only had eleven players. It was that dynamic. Players more or less knew where they stood and played to keep themselves afloat. No twists needed. Just a good format.
Sent by CJtheIslander,Apr 17, 2023
Its time for CJtheislander to replace Pr*bst
Sent by Amixoxi,Apr 17, 2023
Thanks, Amixoxi. <3
Sent by CJtheIslander,Apr 17, 2023

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