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6thJul 15, 2021 by Admir
this summer is going to be hot, with daily temperatures of 30-39 degrees Celsius. But don't you worry! EmmaM will once again cry the rivers out of her eyes because of another survivor injustice (tb to the first one ) and because nobody wanted to ''hear her out'' when she literally got voted out for 11th when there was no other way to make her merge since everybody else was close. Not to mention I have had convos w her on Skype but it's a problem because we didn't talk on Discord I guess. I also guess she expects people to break their alliances with their close allies over her which is a logic I don't understand.
Girl you can be mad all you want about being voted out, but when you say how everyone except two people ignored you, that's a fucking lie and you're victimizing yourself once again because of your incapability to shift the game in your favor. I knew you were not on my side later in the game, hence why I didn't even bother with you anymore gamewise. Boa sorte.


i gasped
Sent by J2999,Jul 15, 2021
I will literally murder you and you're whole family if you come for Emma
Sent by Survivor8,Jul 15, 2021
LMAO survivor8
Sent by unkown,Jul 15, 2021
Sent by Admir,Jul 15, 2021
Sent by brightongal,Jul 15, 2021
I had to neg
Sent by GentlemanG,Jul 15, 2021

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