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PYN and I'll say something about you

5thJun 12, 2021 by Admir
#iSandeh - I feel like you don't stand out because you're friends with people who are better known on Tengaged so people miss on the opportunity to get to know you better which is a shame.. for them
#mikec51 - You have such a good sense of humor which you use to lure people into becoming friends with you and then you kill them with your toxicity.. jk
#DanielKennedy111 - This might be very random but you were the first person to explain to me in details why black people have the right to use the N word and some other stuff about their history in a blog of mine a long time ago and I was amazed with how well written it was; ever since then, I usually read your comments & blogs and I like the way your brain works
#iiGalaxyii - People don't feel awks approaching you because of your open personality and you really are very adaptable to different personality types which is amazing and it reminds me of me hence why I wanted to get to know you better
#systrix - Apart from playing castings together where we met and talked, I don't know much about you, but you're very nice and kind to people who respect you
#Washed_Ravioli - I really like your vibe, you are very chill and you bring this uplifting energy with you all the time, your thoughts are very rational and it's always a pleasure to talk to you. Ngl at first I used to mix you with Zoon tho idek why
#Lemonface - It's kinda weird how two of us never got a chance to meet in a game or something. I like what you bring on Tengaged, you have this specific hilarious side but you can also be very critical in a polite manner as if you're trying to point out a problem when it's there without offending anyone which is something I really respect
#Lemjam6 - Christmas brings people together and it shows! I feel like you have changed over the years on here, but you haven't lost yourself and you're still a recognizable and relatable face on this site which is very hard for others to keep
#Vancouver_Grizzlies Are you Memphis grizzlies? I've seen you around and I did chuckle at some of your blogs / comments but I have no idea who you are really.
#Galaxies - For some reason you're hated and then you're liked and then you're hated again, I have no idea what happens on daily for such shifts but I personally feel like you have built a personality on here that people love to discuss and it's usually a positive thing. I like your vibes.
#cheritaisdelicious - I understand why people like to be friends with you and why people tend to criticize you. There's really no grey area regarding your personality, and as long as you're happy with yourself and your friends, you should keep it that way. Personally, there are similarities between us, I can also be writing essays and I do think it's a good way to solve the problems, but I only do that for something serious cause doing that over game stuff is a waste of my time and energy.
#Midiaw - I think we only met once in a blog game where we didn't work together, but you are a nice guy overall. I don't know much about you though.
#BengalBoy - I really admire your individuality and self care. You understand the concept of life very well and you try to live it the way it makes you happy so you don't need to rely on others all the time. I also feel like you're very resourceful and socially intelligent which helps you to maintain the relationships that you create.
#Tryphena - Respectfully, I don't know anything about you, but I do see you around on Tengaged blogs and I have nothing bad to say about you really.
#Miarma, #Tester, #jakehou97 - I don't know you guys on a personal level, maybe we did talk in some games if we'd met but we don't speak regularly
Nipple_Berry69 - I remember you from that survivor game and you really are good in some challenges but you were in a tribe where alliances were already strong and you'll understand over time that it takes a lot more than just being good in competitions to make longer merge streaks, I wish you a lot of luck
FighterMan - I think this and the upcoming year are gonna be tough for you but after that, I feel like you're going to thrive and prosper and get your life on track the way you always imagined it
Hisoka - You can really drive people crazy in a second but you know how to calm the situation down which means you would be good in relationships unlike me who'd break up over the stupidest fight because of my rage that I can't control sometimes LOL. jk you're funny and loyal and I'm glad we're friends
NewHorizons, Elian - Sorry guys I don't really know you that much, we have met in some games I believe but we didn't interact enough for me to have any opinion about your personalities, much respect though
Darbe - If people knew how adorable your dog is, they'd instantly ask you to marry them so they'd live w that queen. I feel like you turning straight again changed you for better!
Mrkk - I don't know much about you on a personal level but you can be funny on Blogs page, I read your blogs sometimes and you're someone I see around all the time
Marwane - We probably have never interacted on a personal level enough to become closer but you're friends with my friends and they always say good things about you. However, I saw you in TVivor and you have long hair and I CAN'T RESPECT GUYS WITH LONG HAIR PLS CUT IT SHORT
natepresnell If it wasn't for you on all social media, I think I'd be lost. You have impacted my life for better, you are probably not even aware how good you are.
j2999 - I feel like you've become tougher as you age, which is good to see. You succeed to multitask and still be proficient. You manage to be there for a lot of people and you can only do that if you have a big heart.
Eoin - We don't talk much 1o1 but I feel like we get each other. You are very chill and down to earth guy, but in the past I always thought you were unapproachable because I felt like you had your own group of friends and you didn't care to create new bonds. I admire your efforts with your group game and it's amazing how you can use your free time to organize all of it repeatedly.
gabrieltrezza - Thank you for making me cringe, smile and most importantly - laugh in the past month. You have been everything I needed from someone in the past few weeks and even though you don't know what I'm talking about, just know I appreciate you a lot
redfabfoxy - It's easy for people to attack you because you do seem like a bitch to those who don't know you. But quite contrary, once people get to know you, I'm sure they enjoy chatting with you because you are very direct and you say what's on your mind which is great..
yawnha - Not gonna lie, you annoyed the shit out of me at first. You still annoy me sometimes because I dislike people who are whiny and who are overly dramatic over the dumbest shit ever. But lately you been kinda funny so you're tolerable now
David2560 - I don't know what is it with Spanish people that I get immediately drawn to. You are such a positive person and I don't think I've ever seen you upset in the chat we're in together. Since the moment we met, we established loyalty between us which is rare nowadays.
Tommeh208 - I really don't know much about you, but I think I've noticed some controversial blogs about you on Tengaged (unless I'm mixing you with someone else) and ngl, even though controversial people are often hated, I do think it brings more to the fun on this site
Kindred7 - You have such a joyful spirit that I don't think you ever make people upset. I think it's very rare to have someone on this site who people have nothing bad to say about because you avoid conflicts unless you're really forced to shut someone down
brookie_cookie - Your comments on the blogs page are almost always light hearted and your personality matches Lemonface's a lot to me. You seem to enjoy being on here simply for being around your friends and having fun with them, but you can also discuss various topics with a lot of maturity in your comments
woeisme - I always feel like you are active for some time on this site and then suddenly you're nowhere to be seen. We have met in several games together and you've always been very chill and nice to talk to, you're very pleasant and people feel comfortable around you
VanitySmurf - At this moment rn, I can't think of anything that I know about you, I don't think we have ever interacted and the only knowledge I have of you is from the blogs page where I see you occasionally.
don_draper - People are probably not even aware of how funny you are. It comes off naturally from you, you don't need to try to make people laugh and that's amazing, you're also a great ally in games and you're loyal to the core. Definitely someone I really like being around on this site because it's always a wild ride with you
lexeyjane - Even though we lost touch over time, I still remember you as someone who's very pleasant and have specific way of humor which people may or may not get. When I think of you, I think of the time we played sv w Tiff and it was really a good throwback.
MarieTori - I don't think we spoke like ever and idk why but I feel like we like each other probably over dumb shit we blog every day, it's that kind of silent support that exists on this site which goes unnoticed
Singsongers - If it wasn't from the group game that I quit, we probably wouldn't have met and that's why I always say that I'm glad for every game that I join because I get to know people who are funny and entertaining, and you are just that. Even though we don't talk much, I feel comfortable in your space and that's what matters
wheatbread - You know how people obsess over someone and others don't get it? Well, people were obsessed about you, at least my friends were. So I didn't get it until we met in sv and then it became clear why. You're really funny, you have such an uplifting personality and you are very loyal to your friends, you go out of your way to be there for them and I respect that a lot
peterya - We don't talk all the time, but when we do it's always a nice chat. I really like your blogs and I feel like we get each other cause we never disagreed on anything really, only good vibes from you.
jacksonjoseph99 - Some of your best assets would be your sense of humor and your creativity. People are easily drawn to you because of your social skills and it works out for you in terms of creating bonds much easily than other people
Hunty - We are not that close but still I feel like you can be entertaining with your blogs and we usually stick together if we are both in a game so I do like you


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aww ily this made my day
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yes admir I'm Memphis_Grizzlies
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top respect Admir
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