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Listen to me,

12thJan 25, 2021 by Admir
kyoot. I'll be only nice to you tonight and educate you a bit even though you do not deserve it, hence why everyone is ignoring you.
1. Freedom of speech means that you can freely agree or disagree with a subject WITHOUT using derogatory terms to diminish those who continue to believe opposite of what you believe. Your brain, being the size of a nut, cannot comprehend that.
2. Since you're so interested to know the historic part of Islam that is related to Muhammed, I'll give you a brief explanation, but I am 100% sure you will not even try to comprehend what is being said to you, hence why everyone just decides to ignore you. Muhammed lived in 7th century, when the time was very different than it is today. In Saudi Arabia at that time, people tended to get into marriage long before the age that is as its today. Basically, the moment they hit puberty, they were allowed to get married if that was their wish, as people (and women, given that you want that info) were much more mature in that age compared to present. Another reason why marriages were made with younger women was that it was different tough time, when marriage could actually save your life and strengthen the bond with other people. Muhammed married Aisha because there were so many benefits to that marriage: he would strengthen the bond with her father who he was very close with, he would allow Aisha to grow as a respected woman cause every living person knew how Muhammed cared for other people, he wanted to help her with her decision regarding marriage cause she was already contemplating of marrying someone else (which PROVES that she was mature enough to bring that decision herself). That marriage was NOT made without consent, as Aisha was the one to wish to get married to Muhammed. To get married to someone older was customary practice and not a source of shame or a denigration of morality.
The age that you keep posting in your blogs is not precise and it can never be fully determined because over time, the real truth about her age got lost. However, among scholars, it is believed that she was older than what is claimed, but non of those information are reliable at all. Those are only speculations. So, you chose to believe as a FACT when that's not a fact at all. Only Qur'an has facts in which we believe in. Qur'an has strong rules about sexual relations and Muhammed respected those rules. Not even Muhammed's worst enemies ever said a word about that marriage because if it was something odd, it for sure would have been talked about.
You keep claiming how Muhammed RAPED her? That's actually very sick to even think of.
In the end, it was Aisha's decision and she made it herself, and later in life she always claimed that it was her biggest wish and the best decision she has ever made. Even at that time, marriage could have NOT been made without woman consenting to it and all of that just says enough about Aisha's maturity and someone who is a child could've not made those decisions.

Instead of reading one line on internet, maybe educate yourself before you start judging.
To constantly blog hateful shit about Islam when you have zero knowledge about it except for one thing you read on Google without understanding the background for it just proves how closed minded you are and how attention seeking you are. This is a website and your real identity is not known, but  if you are like this in real life, I honestly feel very sorry for you. Ask yourself why is your only joy to disregard others and to constantly blog about your hatred towards other people because that honestly is not normal.


I'm sorry but you should´ve not wasted your time on this whole thing but I do agree with you
Sent by Yawnha,Jan 25, 2021
Grabs my glasses and gets cozy while im about to read every single word of this paper with MLA bibliography
Sent by christossss,Jan 25, 2021
You are so much better than me because i would’ve never given him an explanation about anything
Sent by konohavillage1,Jan 25, 2021
++ Just because you disagree with something, you don't have to be disrespectful. I don't support religions, but that's my personal opinion but I wouldn't reflect or push it on others or be rude about it.
Sent by LivvieBoo12,Jan 25, 2021
Sent by Kmartt,Jan 25, 2021
Kyoot will sadly never change or get banned :(
Sent by Yawnha,Jan 25, 2021
I love you king
Sent by Marwane,Jan 25, 2021
ily but he doesnt give a fuck about this parchment
Sent by sihz,Jan 25, 2021
Nicely said buddy

Hope that this ignorant will take his free time and learn from this
Sent by Midiaw,Jan 25, 2021
LOL the bitch is gone!!!!
Sent by Allison,Jan 26, 2021

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