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4thJun 28, 2020 by Admir
for a short opinion, I haven't done this in a while
#3pi14159 I see you around on Community page and I like some of your blogs, I think you should join more games so you get to know more people
#joey96 I know you only as someone who's been on this site for a long time, but I don't know much about you unfortunately
#kindred7 i think you're VERY nice and sometimes I'm like, does this girl have another side of her? i love when you blog some weird things sometimes, it's funny and spontaneous
#hawlie307 except for that minute of fame you got in rookies, i don't have any knowledge about your personality
kingb24 you're someone I never got a chance to play a game with where we'd be on the same side and get to know each other better. i think you're loyal as a friend but i don't see you around much to judge you better
princevans you're so underestimated and your blogs can be disgusting for many people, but i like your weirdness. idk if im crazy, but sometimes i see your real thoughts thru some troll blogs so i wonder if you express yourself that way sometimes or it's just me
brookie_cookie last 2 days were the most i got to know about you cause i've never seen you around. you're very spontaneous and you enjoy talking to people and you're not that annoying type of people who only comment on their friends blogs
varlto so idk why but whenever i see you in games i get that feeling that i can trust you to work with me. my Latina soul just feels you idk why
thirteen i'll be honest with you, I think you made this tg persona which you got recognized for. However, I think it's time for a change because most of the times your blogs seem repetitive and passe. I think you're chill as a person tho, but also someone I don't trust in games oop
joshlyn34 ok idk if i just made this up but i'm pulling this information from my subconsciousness: we played a rookies game once and i think i backSTABBED you. i think u said ud never forgive me. LOL im sorry idk you much but had to share this with you
paul028 i think your blogs are funny and you seem super chill, you can be refreshing on a blogs page when bots are spamming
letal ugh i think i always confuse you with someone else, but I know you are someone who always has something positive to say and to bring the best out of situation which can be awkward.
shanedawson12345 I don't know much about you but I know you commented on my blogs before, loves a loyal king. I think your time will come on this site, stay chill and don't let this site change you for worse
skyler1822 you're right, idt we did. nor have i ever seen you in games really. But I know I see you around, i just can't say anything bad nor good so hopefully we meet in the future
darbe the biggest battle one has to fight is the inner one. i need darbe from 2018 to return to life, darbe 2020 is NOT it. I'm proud of your success & win in mooting competition, smart king.
jacksonjoseph99 ok this might sound funny but i think in 2016 you didn't like me. i honestly never thought we would be closer but when I got to know you better, i've realized how funny you are and genuine as a person
natepresnell i do hope you focus on your studies when the time comes, i feel like you can be lazy irl and leave everything for the last minute and then pretends to be shocked when you can't make it in time. HARD WORK BITCH.
j2999 for your age, you are doing fantastic. many people here in your age are usually unbearable. you're very collected and you have such nice manners. However, I think you need to be more free to express your wild self. I think you've got a lot more to show, your personality is much bigger than you portray bitch and I'LL GET THROUGH YOU ONCE x
Florina I do remember you, but I haven't seen you for so long on blogs page. I don't know much about you cause we've never talked, but I noticed you shoot straight in your blogs and you express your feelings directly which I like
manafa I'm sorry but I legit have never heard of you, maybe that changes in future!
manniboi I don't see you around much and I don't think we've ever interracted so I can't really judge your personality
top20fan33 I remember disliking the way you'd always stick to your friends in games and even though you'd want to meet new people, you had to stay loyal. I do think you're funny and someone I like on a personal level. Like, I see why people would want to be friends with you.
Zoon I don't know much about you, but you're certainly intriguing. We have some common friends but I don't think we ever talked. I do think we will have a conversation soon, you better make me like you
LovelyKiss I noticed you recently, among the rubbish blogs - yours usually stand out. You make me laugh sometimes too and you're chill from what I gathered
Eilish It's hard to say how I feel about you. You are funny, but then you become dramatic. Then when I'm like ''Ok this person is a flop'', you return to being okay. But personally, I don't like that personality switching as it makes me wonder who the fuck is real you? In general, I think you are nice, but it seems like you don't want that to be the way people see you as, idk why.
mikec51 I rarely stumble on someone who I can identify with SO MUCH. I see a lot of myself in your personality and i'm not sure if you are aware of it, but you're very hilarious. Idk how it'd work irl tho because I think your bad mood and my bad mood would literally end 3 nations, it would be a chaos I feel like LOL
Irelia Today when you talked in a group chat and I saw your profile pic, it gave me LADY GAGA vibes idk why? I like your personality, I like your sarcasm and the fact some people don't get it and rather get offended by it makes it even better.
bix123 You have CHANGED for better. I think you opened yourself more to people who you're close to and you are there for people who you like whenever they need you. I think you've grown so much as a person, and I'm actually proud of you and the way you strive to always be better.
hints i feel like you like weird shit that many people don't care about, that's why we became friends at first. I find it hilarious. despite our fallout which happened 300 years ago, my opinion about you didn't change, you can be a good friend and to me, you were just annoying in games, but in 2020 who cares really
sameed27 the last time we spoke, it was some controversial survivor game. you're kinda chill, but we don't usually talk except when we're in games, but i wish we'd play some games where you wouldn't be surrounded with your friends, if u get me
tennisplayer963 whenever you blog, i think it's temponeptune and idk why my brain processes your usernames the same way. your blogs can be entertaining, but idt we ever played a game together or met each other
matte i think we talked in the past, but then we lost touch. you are very funny and you can be very entertaining so i like to be around you.
bengalboy you're much better than you used to be, there was something about your blogs that i didn't like, probably overly expressed ''ME'' in your blogs. over time i got to learn more about you and i feel like you can hold a conversation w the most different types of people equally and I also think you grew to learn and cherish different values. I also like your passion for traveling a lot.
sprtsgy1989 it's shocking that we never got to know each other for our lifetime on this site. i dont know anything about you on a peresonal level, but i like your blogs and even tho you've been doing it for quite a long time, it's a sign of the good times sometimes.


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You want to criticize my blogs? At least I'm not desperate enough to make fake coming out sob stories to get people to read them.
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