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PYN and I'll tell you

1stDec 5, 2019 by Admir
something i remember you for
maturo i remember when i first saw you on blogs page and in games, i didnt like you and found you rather annoying. My opinion changed the moment i got to talk to you
melindamrskk Oh idk much about you except that I wanted to get to know you better but for some reason it never happened. I think i used to confuse you with someone else tho
m_davis1998 I might have dementia but i cant remember whether i always worked with or against you. I know you for quite a long time but we never got closer enough. Also, i remember you for your blogs games
varlto you will forgive me when i say that i cant really say much because i see you around, but you are in the shade of other .es & .br players so i kind of confuse you with others; i know i like seeing you in games though and i dont have a bad word about you
matthew09 I dont know anything about you, but i know i always loved your blogs and your comments on other blogs usually caught my attention
taragmolester if ur not robozoe i cant say much because i never talked to you and i only know you for your blogs
j2999 the first time we interracted was a survivor game where i met you and since then i have always had so much respect for you and look at you as my younger brother. You are fierce and very likable and thats the first thing i noticed when i met you for the first time
matte i think we used to be closer on .br & .es because i dont remember we had much convos on .com; i know i met you in hg and i always liked you and talking to you but we lost contact so hopefully that changes in the future
ticofernandez i dont know anything about you. BUT, that golden avi is so unique that i remembered your name because of it (in find me when i see your avi im like OH ITS TICOFERNANDEZ)
acceptthis ugh my memory is being mixed with people like daddydev but i know ive seen you around on blogs and your comments were usually witty
gabrieltrezza i remember you for being stupid idiot who is hard to hate because of your innocence hiding inside and horrible taste in music. I remember our friendship was rocky at start but then you decided to be smart
adee7 one of my faves .es people who i miss playing games with on this site. I remember he was trashing mancebo to me once and i died. And i remember you donuts for sending me a fake gift mail and i was really happy and then realized it was fake, u fake bitch
maxi1234 we used to be closer a long time ago and my opinion about you never changed over the years even tho we dont speak as much. I remember u me and jade used to be a nice trio
brittbritt one interesting thing is that i was really not aware how did you become so popular out of nowhere? ur one of those people who was unknown and next week ur glowing. Ofc i remember our streak and idk if you remember but i told u "dont worry, even tho it seems like theres no way to integrate, i will find a place for you" and then we became friends. With the unfortunate things we fell apart because of many factors but it can change in the future, who knows
lexeyjane i remember you from our streak where i absolutely wanted you GONE for no reason except for strenghtening my own game but then i asked myself is the game really my primar goal? It wasnt so i met you and thats how we became friends. You me tiff zak and jamie had so much fun in our chats and i will always remember those days
minie even though we were never close, i feel like we always supported each other on blogs, in games etc. Despite generally mixed opinions about you, u have never done anything ill towards me and i like our mutual respect thats been going on for a long time


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Lol didnt think we ever talked but was curious if you knew me from something and was not disappointed
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