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For some odd reason

1stMay 14, 2019 by Admir
people play survivor today to make a merge streak and their only concern is to not let it break.
1. Anyone else who joins the game is seen as someone whos supposed to help them on their holy mission.
2. Anyone else who is working against them is a "fucking jealous villain".
3. Those people will fill the tribes with multis, call their friends for HELP (and ofc evicting those friends because they are not important compared to the holy goal of achieving the highest streak which must be the crown of their hard work).

It's pathetic and sad. You can pretend you are a good survivor player but you will always be reminded that you had to fill the tribes with friends, multis and include cheating in all of that to go far. And people will remember you by nothing but a loser.
Is that the game that you want to play?


Sent by joe1110,May 14, 2019
Lmao I’m the opposite. I always vote myself out or sui
I wanna get a streak 1 time though to see if I can 😂
Sent by Blitszims,May 14, 2019
Sent by Roshy,May 14, 2019
honestly idk why i was guilt tripped after ruining people's precious merge streaks while trying to actually STAY in the game
Sent by slorp,May 14, 2019
Sent by NotNicky333,May 14, 2019
Sent by zakisaboss,May 14, 2019
Sent by sihz,May 14, 2019
this is very tea

but i do recall you having a red nose recently I might be wrong though
Sent by koolness234,May 14, 2019
koolness234 Yeah I did because we had a cheater in our tribe who was obviously trying to sabotage the whole tribe with his actions. The only way to make it fair is to get rid of him the same way and the only way sadly. In any other case I don't approve it.
Sent by Admir,May 14, 2019
admir I see your point, but two people cheating doesnt make anything fair. Just remember stooping to their level because they do it isnt justified or legitimizes your streak even more. I learned that when people multied me to stars wins because others in the game were using multies. This blog is still tea though
Sent by koolness234,May 14, 2019
@our whole tribe.
Sent by christossss,May 14, 2019
I slightly disagree koolness234. The player in our tribe only cheated in immunity challenges and was basically in our tribe to help the OT. That is unfair and if there is a way to get rid of someone like that, it has to be done or that person will ruin the fun and game for everybody else. Altho it's an ugly way to do it, it still helped and nobody cheated ever again after that player was gone. The game continued normally. So I see what you're saying and it's alright to play like that, but i'm more aggressive for when it comes to cheaters who think they are unbeatable. We have to stop them. And yeah this is unrelated to the blog, just explained what happened in our tribe.
Sent by Admir,May 14, 2019
admir yes and I see your point but cheating out a cheater makes you a cheater as well
Sent by koolness234,May 14, 2019
I commend you for making this blog though it is clearly directed at brittbritt, I hope you decide to hold your friends to the same standard! jadennator1 is one of the most notorious cheaters and has constantly cheated on this website to achieve high merge streaks. She is your friend and you seem to turn a blind eye to that. I just ask we all hold everyone to the same standards to not come off as hypocritical!
Sent by Lemjam6,May 14, 2019
Lemjam6 I literally didn't tag anyone in this blog and it's against all of those who can relate to it, no matter if they are my friend or not. Everybody knows what they are doing and I don't need to tag anyone, they will know if this blog is directwd to them. I didn't turn a blind eye to anyone, where did I do that?
Sent by Admir,May 14, 2019
Why you gotta expose icebeast and queen jade like this
Sent by jadennator1,May 14, 2019
OMG TEA!!!! THIS is the exact reason I don’t play Survivor.
Sent by pinkiepie512,May 14, 2019
stop cheating suzycroatia
Sent by zakisaboss,May 14, 2019
dead at admir singlehandedly snatching jadennator1 's wig
Sent by Bix123,May 14, 2019
Admir You didn’t tag anyone, but your timing is quite convenient as people are calling out Britt currently.

I just find the blog hypocritical and you call it “pathetic and sad”, but you have been on a tribe with jadennator1 and have been completely fine with her cheating. If you were as disgusted as you seem to be while making this blog, I would think you’d do something about it. I guess you’re part of the problem!
Sent by Lemjam6,May 14, 2019
It's the dumb people who join survivor with 10 people instead of like 6.
Sent by unkown,May 14, 2019
Sent by FighterMan,May 14, 2019
king of calling out ur own friend group and not realizing it
Sent by peace123,May 14, 2019
lemjam6 peace123 I didn't want to bring it up before but now I decided to do it and I never excluded my friends from this. I was in a tribe with Britt before as well, not only with Jadennator1 as you say and I didn't bring anything up right after I got voted out off the tribe Britt is a part of, again, proving I don't care WHO is doing said things.
On the other hand, you can assume and think whatever the fuck you want Jake I honestly dgaf if you don't believe what I've just said. Its up to you and its not my business.
My point still stays the same.
Sent by Admir,May 14, 2019
^ LMAO admir got sassy
Sent by zakisaboss,May 14, 2019
Ok but this cant be about me cuz im only number 2!!! Not 1. And 3.! I never vote my friends lemjam6
Sent by jadennator1,May 15, 2019

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