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and I'll give you a paragraph of its meaning.

kylabmd1 Your name, Kyla, makes you independent, resourceful, practical, and patient.
You could be inventive along scientific or technical lines.
Although you are not naturally spontaneous in musical or artistic expression, you can develop technical proficiency along these lines.
You are fussy about details and seek perfection in whatever you undertake.
Being somewhat wilful and skeptical, you learn best through your own experiences and seek proof though facts.
You work best alone, making your own decisions, and learning from your own experiences.
Despite your loyalty to friends, your communication at times is stilted, too candid, and frank.
Health Analysis:
Weaknesses in the health centre in the head, and in the stomach and intestinal organs.

marieeve The name of Marie-Eve gives you a responsible, reserved, and dignified nature, able to find a certain amount of success in anything you undertake.
You have an appreciation for the finer and deeper aspects of life.
Your scholarly, studious interests incline you to art, literature, philosophy, music, and drama.
You wonder about the deeper aspects of life contained in religious theories and occult beliefs.
Others may consider you to be aloof and unemotional since you often find it difficult to express spontaneously.
They could interpret your quietness as disinterest and aloofness, for they do not realize the depth of your feelings and thoughts.
You require time alone, especially in the outdoors, to cope with the pressures of life.
Health Analysis:
This name causes tension to affect your heart and respiratory organs, resulting in colds or bronchial conditions.

ghrocky100 Your name of Alexander makes you extremely generous.
You have a bubbling, spontaneous nature and a happy-go-lucky outlook which helps smooth the pathway of life.
Also you are sympathetic to the needs of others.
Interested in art, music, singing, dancing, and anything of an artistic nature, you could become a very fine performer.
Your spontaneous expression stands you in good stead during arguments or debates, though you are perhaps too outspoken and inclined to sarcasm.
A very real weakness of this name is lack of system and order.
The use of this name makes it extremely difficult to carry through and finish the things you start.
It is easy to make promises in an effort to make others happy, although not so easy to keep them.
You spend your money recklessly, seldom reckoning whether you can afford to be so generous.
Health Analysis:
The use of this name can cause weak ankles, a strong desire for such foods as sweets or pickles, which causes skin or liver troubles, and a desire to eat too quickly.

spiderhitler Your name of Jarod is a dual influence: at times you can be extremely happy, expressive, full of fun, and good-natured; yet at other times you find congenial association impossible, being controlled by self-pity, moods, and depression.
If you could express only the constructive qualities and restrain the negative qualities of your nature, you would always be good company.
These contrasting qualities make it difficult for people to understand you and can lead to friction in your personal life.
You are deep, philosophical, and refined, but your extremely sensitive nature causes you to become depressed over any real or imagined slight.
You feel and sense much more than you can fully understand, and could become psychic if you delved into the occult.
The problem then would be controllable thoughts, feelings, and reactions.
You find it difficult to be patient, practical, and systematic, preferring to act impulsively as the spirit moves you.
Health Analysis:
Indulgences could result in skin rashes, liver problems, heart trouble, or lung and chest congestion.

varlto The name of Alvaro creates a mature, self-possessed, and responsible nature.
You are an organizer and leader who exercises sound and fair judgment in all your dealings, both business and personal.
The name is a very practical influence, causing you to take your responsibilities seriously.
At times it is difficult for you to see the lighter or more humourous side of a situation because of your serious attitude.
Your highly capable and efficient nature make it difficult for some people to approach you.
Although you desire to serve your fellow man, you may at times lack tolerance for those who are less self-assured and whose approach to life is not as positive and optimistic as your own.
You are strongly independent and would be happiest when working without supervision, preferably in your own business where you have the challenge of "standing or falling" by your own decisions.
A good material standard of living is of utmost importance to you and you are careful to select only the best quality in all your purchases.
You enjoy the responsibility of home and family, and you appreciate a settled environment.
You may fail, however, to express the little gestures of affection and appreciation that would mean so much to those close to you.
Health Analysis:
Any physical weaknesses relative to this name would show in the generative organs.

firewolf Your name of Gunther indicates qualities of a leader and organizer but a difficulty in concentrating and systematizing your efforts interferes with achieving your goals.
You desire a good standard of living and the best quality in all your material possessions.
You have a friendly nature, well-liked by others for your sense of humour and pleasant personality and you love parties and socializing in general.
You could be musically or artistically inclined and may often be the "life" of the party and would enjoy finding expression in the entertainment field.
You have a pleasure-loving nature, and although you have an ability to meet and mix with people on all levels, you tend to become involved in awkward emotional situations to your detriment.
Deriving pleasure from giving to others, you enjoy spending money on them, but tend to be a spendthrift, and not build up a reserve for emergencies.
Health Analysis:
You have a good appetite, and appreciate the best and richest foods. For this reason, you could possibly suffer with an over-heated bloodstream, which in turn affects the skin, causing rashes and eczema.

C00LDUDE1000 Your name of Ben has given you a quick, active mind, which has caused you to delve into many different ideas and theories.
You have a desire for association with people and, since you have no difficulty in being spontaneous and expressive with others, you have considerable ability for discussion and debate.
You enjoy unexpected opportunities for meeting people, or doing things on the spur of the moment.
Where you have difficulty is in organizing and systematizing the handling of your responsibilities.
Though you can work on any undertaking intently as long as it absorbs your interest, you cannot persevere when confronted by obstacles or by tedious monotony.
Thus your success in your undertakings is limited.
The tasks or activities you enjoy the most allow some form of creative or artistic expression.
You will never tolerate a situation where your independence and individuality are curtailed.
Conditions in your personal life can change very quickly to turmoil any time you are challenged, or when there is any friction or misunderstanding, because you can be very caustic and outspoken.
There is an element of idealism in this name which makes you generous toward those who are less fortunate than yourself, and also causes you to uphold the rights of others.
This name creates an over-sensitive nature that allows your emotions to be unduly aroused.
Health Analysis:
You are apt to be indulgent in eating rich, quick-energy foods, which you crave because your nervous system becomes depleted of vitality. Ailments of the liver and a weak back could result.

lexeyjane Your name of Alexandria makes you a capable leader and organizer.
You find it difficult to be in positions of subservience or where you are taking advice from others.
You desire the best and want to be successful and financially prosperous and are willing to give practical help where it is deserved.
You are ambitious and practical and often look at things for their financial viability.
Fairness is important to you and you could be drawn to the justice system.
Personal relationships suffer sometimes because you are inclined to overlook the little things, such as thoughtful and appreciative gestures.
This name makes you too forceful at times, limiting the natural feminine qualities of tenderness and tact.
Health Analysis:
You could suffer female disturbances or other problems in the generative organs.

pinkiepie512 Your name of Grace gives you an independent, serious, reticent, and studious nature.
An intellectual, you have a deep appreciation for art, music, literature, and all the phenomena of nature.
You express your thoughts and feelings best through writing rather than verbally.
In fact, others find it challenging to understand you as you do not reveal your innermost thoughts unless you are completely comfortable in your friendships.
For that reason, despite having good business abilities, you like to work alone or where you are making your own decisions.
It has created separateness from others and loneliness in your life.
Health Analysis:
Worry and depression could be problems in your life. Physically, any weaknesses in your health would centre in the heart, lungs, or bronchial organs.


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