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  1. No title
  2. I still don't understand
  3. This or that
  4. pyn and I'll say if I find you annoying
  5. I guess joking about rape
  6. I can be very awkward in public
  7. Oh and btw
  8. Everyone who saves Clueliz
  9. In other news
  10. Me playing Find me
  11. Stages of Tg friendships [VLOG]
  12. PYN and I'll say something about you
  13. It's not as simple as that
  14. Mods when they see
  15. When being chased by a bear
  16. Listen to me,
  17. imagine coming home from work
  18. How are jokes about small dicks funny?
  19. Sheep are such beautiful animals
  20. So idk much about US politics
  21. Nobody will convince me
  22. A quick reminder
  23. Tengaged .ES elections
  24. I want Arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus)
  25. Why is "W" pronounced Double U
  26. this hoh..
  27. Would you allow Kaysar
  28. Ian Terry tried to save this season.
  29. Idk who I hate more in the BB house rn
  30. How many of you agree w this:
  31. Graduated today [pic]
  32. If you wonder why tg glitches
  33. Marta when she hears
  34. NOBODY:
  35. This should just remind you
  36. People really pretend
  37. Did you ever actually
  38. Let me tell you about Coronavirus
  39. I'm just glad
  40. I just think

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No titlevote Oct 18, 2021
TSC Winners

TSC 459: Darbe / Jessie J
Points: 46 2 comments
I still don't understand Oct 8, 2021
how Willie_ walks around here without being spat on
Points: 391 13 comments
This or that Sep 11, 2021
Sushi or Pasta
Points: 154 25 comments
pyn and I'll say if I find you annoying Aug 31, 2021
#times_places no because i dont know you
pr1ncecharm1ng usually no, sometimes tho
chic never
dorkishbarbi no 10/10
samhuss oh wow ur back :] ly
somebodyawesome no i think ur funny
heavyrain abstractjay tbart idk who you are :(
lemjam6 yes when you dont win hohs
kindred7 ofc no
gabrieltrezza yes thanks for not talking to me BITCH
david2560 before i got to know you, i thought you were annoying LMAO
mrkk omg when you spam in rookies thats annoying but ily
maxchaos idk you :x
rellizuraddixion no i find you entertaining
harry1210 i think i used to find you annoying in the past but not anymore king
isandeh yes
eoin no ly
joe1110 yes for not joining a charity!!
staymellow idk you :x
galaxies sometimes ngl
j2999 if i ever say ur annoying you can chop of my ****
elian hmm no
washed_ravioli i used to think you were until i met you :]
woeisme noo
biminibonboulash idk you oop
sihz yes if you dont go out this friday
singsongers i find your username annoying
hisoka dont try and act cocky w me BITCH
darbe im not a liar so yes
Points: 332 48 comments
I guess joking about rape Aug 6, 2021
is allowed on Tengaged. No big deal huh? But we constantly talk about how we will defend victims of such gruesome act. Guess laughing about it in their face will make it all better!
The fact that AliBonico is not banned yet blows my mind
Points: 754 10 comments
I can be very awkward in public Jul 21, 2021
one time this woman randomly stopped me on the street and asked me what time is it, and I replied w ''No thank you'' and just left as she stood there confused af.
or today i went to the park and sat on the bench and laughed loudly out of nowhere because i recalled something funny and the person on the bench next to me thought i was crazy
Points: 124 0 comments