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:( Nov 23, 2018
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I already miss you Garret Nov 23, 2018

I鈥檓 not great with expressing myself and word鈥檚. But when I first met Garret, I never trusted a single person in my life and I was disattached when it came to my own emotions and trust but meeting him made me feel emotion again and made me love being a human being. Having compassion and caring for somebody who actually mattered to me felt the world to me.

I knew you鈥檙e life was rough, you were always mistreated. I was the one person who actually treated you right and the pressure ended up getting me. Being codependent to another human being, especially one I cared about felt great. But the responsibility was a lot to consume and take in, but you did deserve someone better then me.

You provided so many good memories in the year of my life that we spent. Because I loved every single good memory that we did share, you鈥檙e an amazing person with a lot of heart and I鈥檓 sorry that I mistreated you.

I tried all I could, believe that I always tried my best to make you happy. I just wanted to make you happy so much, that it caught up to me. It鈥檚 why I was honest when I said that if I told you the truth, then you wouldn鈥檛 like the real me and it was why I was scared and insecure to show how I was. But you were the only person who made me more comfortable and less insecure about myself, just how I was with you. Most of our conversation鈥檚 dealt with insecurity and not being loved. But we really did genuinely loved, valued, and understood each other and I鈥檓 thankful for that.

You were harassed, I isolated myself. We we鈥檙e just two people that found each other on an online site as cringe as that was. I began to become more in touch with who I was and who I wanted to be. You made me more caring for other鈥檚 emotional states and more understanding of people. So I want to thank you for the experiences that you brought me and the love that you provided me.

It felt great and it鈥檚 something I wish we could have continued. It just sucks that I put so much effort and tried so hard to make you happy and smile that it all ended up backfiring on my own future because you we鈥檙e something that I could see as my future and I ruined everything. :(

I love you Garret, you mattered to me and I tried every day to make you feel special and loved and cared for. I hope we can manage to cross point鈥檚 one day and realize how stupid this was. But I miss you Garret and i love you. Just like always, good night. :(
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Identity politic鈥檚 Nov 12, 2018
Are stupid. I indentify as *insert name*, there鈥檚 no reason to make people adjusted to a new way of thinking when we already have an established system of what鈥檚 male and what鈥檚 female. People now will start to claim that their *insert name* for attention, because you can鈥檛 genuinely take somebody seriously who ignores facts and logic. Human being鈥檚 have had thought鈥檚 of what ditacts male and female truly are for centuries. There鈥檚 a difference between each gender, there not the same as much as liberal鈥檚 want them to be the same.

It鈥檚 your right to claim what you want to be. But it doesn鈥檛 make it not retarded
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Is it gay? Nov 4, 2018
If you're dating a guy
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All gays Oct 31, 2018
Have daddy issues
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Is it weird Oct 30, 2018
To sacrifice so much for another human being or is that just stupid.
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