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  1. Carole killed Don
  2. When I think survivor "blindside"
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  4. Whats the biggest dick
  5. Huh
  6. I feel like we need a bounty system
  7. As long as Shonee is fan favourite
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  9. Well there goes the Villains Tribe from WAW
  10. Name a hot boy tengager
  11. Name a hot boy tengager
  12. Akeria
  13. Top or Bottom?
  14. 2020 has been a shit year so far.
  15. ..%HACK:#adam94
  16. Yall are fake as fuck.
  17. Never trust a twink.
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  24. Can I just be a moderator?
  25. Australian Survivor Spoilers
  26. Tengaged
  27. I do love the pettiness of tengaged.
  28. I don't listen to dry cunts
  29. Happy Valentines Day
  30. I haven't watched WaW yet
  31. Can we all agree that after this season
  32. Pyn
  33. Australian Survivor ep5
  34. Im at silver level now
  35. nudes???
  36. Snap: theadamantiumx
  37. Have you ever been in love???
  38. That isn't his nose
  39. I feel like a 4.5 in the looks department
  40. Melbourne vs Sydney

What is your version of attractive???

Dec 29, 2019 by Adam94


Shaves / Knows how to dress / not overweight / not fem

If you pass all 4 then it usually always comes down to personality for me. Like between a supermodel & an average man who passes all 4 I'd end up going for whoever has the better personality, but if say one of them was overweight then I wouldn't consider him.
Sent by Akeria,Dec 29, 2019
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