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  1. Tengaged
  2. I do love the pettiness of tengaged.
  3. I don't listen to dry cunts
  4. Happy Valentines Day
  5. I haven't watched WaW yet
  6. Can we all agree that after this season
  7. Pyn
  8. Australian Survivor ep5
  9. Im at silver level now
  10. nudes???
  11. Snap: theadamantiumx
  12. Have you ever been in love???
  13. That isn't his nose
  14. I feel like a 4.5 in the looks department
  15. Melbourne vs Sydney
  16. Nudes?
  17. I haven't properly watched
  18. Do u ever get the feeling that your hands
  19. All I can say is that you're all faggots
  20. 100 person survivor
  21. You're an object
  22. How much do you get paid an hour???
  23. I don't know the story
  24. I feel like showing my nudes.
  25. What is your version of attractive???
  26. Billie Eilish
  27. Idea for someone to do.
  28. How much time do u get off
  29. So wow...Trump impeached by the house
  30. I hate Christmas
  31. Yall scared the straights away.
  32. I'm so pumped for Australian Survivor: All Stars
  33. I have this thing
  34. Do you get complimented
  35. We can make tengaged great again
  36. I use to think multis ruined stars polls
  37. Tengaged Bottoms
  38. I already hate customers and my boss
  39. So hujain/Hunter is on a YouTube show
  40. Assuming everything is consensual

Its sad

Oct 14, 2019 by Adam94
I feel like no one new has signed up to tengaged in like 3 years. Its just the same cast of characters bickering over the same drama and making the same jokes over and over again.


The website seems to be dying out...I remember years ago it was in its prime
Sent by Tammy2144,Oct 14, 2019
I'm new 馃榿
Sent by txashaun,Oct 14, 2019

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