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  1. Are you one of those people that crave..
  2. I'm so apathetic
  3. nudes?
  4. You let Chance go unnommed
  5. I didn't realise we were having
  6. You mean these files?
  7. I wanna start a new streak on snap
  8. 1000ts for a shop enough???
  9. How good is your pee accuracy boys???
  10. I wonder if nmh95 has an STD
  11. So has the whole 6 shooters alliance
  12. horny?
  13. Re-Voting Stars Finals
  14. Has anyone else been watching
  15. Anyone horny?
  16. I forgot to remind myself
  17. BB15's racism was at least entertaining.
  18. We can make tengaged great again
  19. Top or Bottom???
  20. This is Doctor Adam
  21. A boat has 8 people on it
  22. How "big" should a big dick be?
  23. You know NoelSarah was a mod right?
  24. Can I just say, I love my avatar right now.
  25. Anyone horny and gay???
  26. Heres a question.
  27. Why would you want to be president?
  28. How much money do u have
  29. Is everyone suppose to find their partner
  30. Honestly
  31. We haven't had a survivor auction
  32. PYN
  33. What year did you graduate high school?
  34. PYN
  35. You should be kissed and often
  36. Cut or Uncut dicks?
  37. Ummm...what?
  38. What are some of your morals???
  39. Klay!!!!!
  40. PYN and I'll guess if you're a top or bottom

I forgot to remind myself

Jul 15, 2019 by Adam94
That people have had much worse days than yourself in the past. Only 75 years people were getting killed in concentration camps or shot in the head on a battlefield.


This is how you remind me of what I really am
Sent by BengalBoy,Jul 15, 2019

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