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  1. At what age did u realise
  2. Gingers
  3. Its sad
  4. Akeria
  5. Dogs: +
  6. PYN + three words that describe you
  7. Ewww faggot
  8. Yo Americans
  9. Is it homophobic to call yourself
  10. Ummm what are you talking about?
  11. So...Jackson is gonna win right???
  12. Adam94 has renamed the conversation to
  13. Snap me nudes!!!!
  14. Would you date someone
  15. The Red Sox aren't even making the playoffs
  16. When did u last get blackout drunk???
  17. So Heather Lee Cameron's teeth...
  18. Nudes?
  19. Drink some water and go to bed.
  20. Please Stop Drinking.
  21. So maturo and casbah are the same person
  22. Never trust a drunk hottie
  23. What do people want posted in shops???
  24. Old women
  25. So nmh95 is the gay version of BengalBoy
  26. Are you one of those people that crave..
  27. I'm so apathetic
  28. nudes?
  29. You let Chance go unnommed
  30. I didn't realise we were having
  31. You mean these files?
  32. I wanna start a new streak on snap
  33. 1000ts for a shop enough???
  34. How good is your pee accuracy boys???
  35. I wonder if nmh95 has an STD
  36. So has the whole 6 shooters alliance
  37. horny?
  38. Re-Voting Stars Finals
  39. Has anyone else been watching
  40. Anyone horny?

Heres a question.

Jun 29, 2019 by Adam94
You win the lottery and receive $10,000,000 tax free.

What would be your first purchase???


i'd pay someone to murder me
Sent by Akeria,Jun 29, 2019

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