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6thMar 1, 2020 by Absol
cis people who put their pronouns in their bio

like not to be a cunt but what??? are you scared that someone on the internet will misgender you??? omg is it gonna trigger the dysphoria you dont have????


yesterday i was lookin thru fb profiles and there was one comment from a man to another woman's picture of her handsome son that had just graduated that said "just for the record, i liked your post its bc i liked your your thoughts about your son, not because i like your son. Im not gay"

toxic masculinity is so fragile these days its hilarious
Sent by sihz,Mar 1, 2020
I think putting pronouns on the Internet is stupid period. But most cisgender ppl who do it are just trying to be funny and poke fun at the ppl who seriously do it or they’re just dumb and think it’s the cool thing to do now.
Sent by Fetish,Mar 1, 2020
When i worked at my college library, one of the Graduate assistants went by they/them. In the back office, we had a wall of pictures with bios for all the workers. When the GA started, they included everyone’s pronouns, I think it was to normalize it and not putting a spotlight in the one GA.

So I don’t think every time someone does it is meant to mock it, although I’m sure some people do it with the wrong intentions
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Mar 1, 2020
not reallt feeling the concept of this pussy being soaking wet and juicyy
Sent by Yaxha,Mar 1, 2020
Do I think I'm transgender? yes a thousand percent.
Do I identify as my natural born gender? yes a thousand percent.
Sent by obscurity,Mar 1, 2020
Pretty sure that cis people who do it are trying to show solidarity and nothing more.
Sent by zakisaboss,Mar 1, 2020

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