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1stDec 2, 2019 by Absol
to make the argument that joining a casting on 19 multis is excusable because "nobody else is affected by it". like i don't know if i have to actually explain it or if you are just willfully ignoring it, but it's pretty obvious that using multis to gain karma and t's is kind of... controversial and not okay with people who actually worked to gain the karma/ts they did? i could go even deeper into why people might have the CRAZY idea that using multis is unfair and negatively affects the site, but it's kind of a lesson i think we've been over before

i overlooked the first time you tried to excuse yourself using multis (y'know, the one where you compared getting backlash for using multis to being the cool new kid who people ////just don't understand because they are cool and rich//// which is funny enough without even acknowledging how it makes no sense)  because you deleted it so i figured you realized you sounded stupid and wouldn't do it again

corsi since this is obviously about you. it's not personal because i don't know you and you are probably not that terrible but i don't wanna have to read another dumbass blog about how you're a victim for getting completely justified backlash. keep using multis because this site is dead and honestly i could care less about that, but don't play the victim when you're in the wrong it just makes you look like a pathetic idiot instead of just pathetic


I only read your blogs because they’re just always right.
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get him
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I'm corsi.
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you're so boring
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Eh honestly, who cares it doesn't affect anyone else, and nobody should actually give a fuck about their karma level on this site.  It's not "impressive" to have a bunch of Karma, it's kinda sad honestly.
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noah_kondon ok the same is true for roblox the challenge auto wins but u would cry if someone hacked their way to the top of the leaderboard
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Absol Oh I don't care that much about the leaderboard lmao, If I did I'd play a lot more.  I just play for fun.  I have like 100 wins on Ryan_Jambe's Old Amazing Eace and there's no leaderboard.
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noah_kondon ok that may be the case but either way you missed the point of the blog because i'm trying to say he shouldn't play the victim for getting backlash, not that "multis bad >:(" .

even if ur so super cool and ~don't care about karma~ despite being tv star that doesn't mean other people can't criticize using multis to gain karma. the point of the argument isn't that someone is directly being affected, or that we should give a fuck about how much karma people have, it's more of an argument towards fairness and integrity.

also... wouldn't using multis to gain karma also be... unimpressive and sad? if we're looking at this logically, it doesn't hold up that you're defending him for doing the same thing you're calling others out on doing
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But the people who attack him either share an account to play comps, or literally cheat LMAO. He can be the boy who cry’s wolf even when he’s in the wrong cause everyone cheats, so I’m unsure how you can say this when I’ve seen you cheat aswell LMAO
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colter congrats ur the 100th person to miss the point what do u want from shops as ur prize
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Absol the point is, is you’re telling others to stop crying and playing victim, but don’t we all do it?
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colter i can grant that a lot of people probably cheat but a lot of people will own up to the fact that they have cheated instead of trying to garner sympathy for it

again i'm not pretending that i'm a perfect person here because i did cheat like... 2 years ago (not on the level of using multis but that's splitting hairs), but i would think you would want to advise your friend not to do something that's pretty obviously wrong and then get defensive and butthurt over backlash that comes from those actions
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