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۞ (gift giveaway) (real) (not fake)

15thDec 4, 2018 by Absol
please get me a top blog and i will gift a lucky commenter.
i am very insecure and need to feel validated. the promise of potential rewards is the only method i can think of to make friends.
Money: 1305.4 T$ (that isnt faked btw, i know i could totally fake it but i didnt)


what the fuck how do u have so much T$ I'M SORRY.
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LMAO the funniest thing is when people come back to TG and no one notices them so they go "Heh, who wants something 8-)" with a screenshot of their T
Sent by BengalBoy,Dec 4, 2018
yes cutie
Sent by Halloween,Dec 4, 2018
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please gift Ricardo2478 the santa suit so he can match with me thank u
Sent by Philip13,Dec 4, 2018
haha, glad to see you sharing the love! +9!

(Also I really love Zimy eyes ;) )
Sent by mastropola,Dec 4, 2018

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