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black mirror episode rankings (13-11)

May 22, 2018 by Absol
hey this is back for some reason! wanted to rank all the episodes, and decided that i'll post it on tengaged for funsies,  because i usually have controversial opinions and enjoy arguing over subjective matters, so feel free to tell me i'm wrong/right/misinformed about something. pyn to be tagged in future blogs

**spoilers lay ahead because obviously i talk about the episodes. i gave yall a fair warning now so dont come crying to me :3.**

13. S1E2- Fifteen Million Merits- I think 15MM is probably one of the most love-hate episodes in Black Mirror, but I kind of just think it’s ok. The world it introduces and the ideas of fame, wealth, and advertising all come together into a pretty cohesive idea. The episode is generally pretty easy to follow and a lot of the characters are solid. Bing is a really good main character and I definitely enjoy watching his arc develop further and further into the episode. His entire relationship with Abi is pretty mediocre and I don’t really find that the two are a great couple or anything, but I see where they’re going with the idea so I can set that aside. If they just did the first half of the episode’s concept and then stretched it out to a full episode, this would easily be the worst idea BM has ever done, because that’s so surface-level and boring. However, I like how Bing attempted to get revenge on the ‘establishment’ with his whole rant and then got offered a deal as someone who talks shit for a living. Obviously, he took the deal and I love the message that sends- usually people will take any opportunity to get ahead, and the utter irony of what he’s doing never ceases to really get my wig flew. Continuing on with areas this episode struggled in, I definitely feel as if the world could have done more to create really compelling characters. The only character we really see evolve and change over the course of the episode is Bing (Abi technically changes, but it’s really only to serve as a vehicle for the rest of Bing’s story). I think lots of people in this world had more potential than just supporting characters that occasionally give reactions. One last thing to say- I feel a lot of the unexplored parts of this episode (all the advertisements and references to other parts of this world, like the gameshows) could have also received a little more attention, but there’s only so much you can fit into an episode. Overall, I feel like this episode works really well at building a world and telling a story that makes sense, but fails to really do or say much otherwise.
12. S4E2- Arkangel- Arkangel is kinda dumb, but also kind of hilarious. In terms of general ideas for episodes, I think “helicopter parenting + the new ipad” is a pretty weak concept. That being said, there’s definitely plenty of interesting moments and a lot of the beauty in this episode doesn’t come from what happens (because honestly, who couldn’t predict that this would end in the way it did) but instead from how it all falls apart. The introduction to the episode is short and sweet, getting the point across without wasting too much time on it. The mom doesn’t really do anything too terrible at first, because all she’s trying to do is protect her kid, but get this- her attempts to shelter her child are the exact reason their relationship becomes strained in the first place. Fucking revolutionary. Despite the kind of cliche premise in the episode, I like how it’s approached anyways. The idea of having an iPad that can track EVERYTHING about your kid’s life is honestly fucking terrifying in it of itself, and this episode doesn’t disappoint on all the ways that this could easily become #problematic. Also, the whole idea of censoring your child’s vision??? I know that they’ve done that before but this feels like an all new level of wtf. Anyways, as the episode develops, the mom goes more psycho and the daughter goes more emo, as expected, but the whole “doing coke then having sex and getting pregnant but your mom finds out through her tablet that tells her everything so she gives you an abortion smoothie” really just… wow. I think a lot of the things that happen are unnecessarily extra, but this episode wasn’t really keeping me hooked with its clever storytelling or anything, so the fact that they made this episode the absolute mess it really is turns out to be for the best. The big problem with this episode is how much it relies on a lot of the same beats. That being said, the ending works pretty well given the rest of the episode and all of the scenes are shot so amazingly. Definitely a weird episode with a fun and messy premise to work with, although there’s some cliched rough spots.
11. S3E5- Men Against Fire- I think a lot of people might disagree with me on this one’s placing as well, but I like how hopeless and tragic the world of Men Against Fire actually is. The episode definitely takes the idea of military technology to an extreme (and they don’t waste time on the actual technology they use instead of focusing on the story and the world), but I understand why people would also find the episode a little uninteresting. It starts off slow, being very careful to establish all the details you need to know without revealing too much. I remember not finding it really interesting, but I think on second watch those scenes are just so uncomfortable because you know EXACTLY what’s happening when Stripe kills the roaches. Continuing on, I think a lot of the scenes after they return for their first mission help us start putting the pieces together, and we also get to watch the LEGEND of this episode ( ) be a foil for the new guy, since his little machine is malfunctioning and he’s gonna see the world for what it really is. It’s just hilarious to watch Hunter in general, but for some reason this scene (and the one where shes randomly singing to the captives) are just… too good. Moving on, the second mission is executed really well in terms of storytelling. I like how at first, the audience is led to believe that the way Stripe is seeing this world is completely real, and when Hunter starts killing the “roaches”, it’s made to look like what it really is. I think the later part of the scene where she just snaps and opens fire on the rest of the people in the building is amazing, too. I think the rest of the episode kind of just confirms the difference between the real world and the world the soldiers see, and then the scene after all of this with the doctor??? That was absolutely terrifying. The way it’s just shot in an empty white room somehow makes the entire thing even more unnerving and futuristic, and the idea they’re presenting of just being able to show someone’s (unfiltered) memories over and over is honestly more fucked up than I think a lot of people give it credit for. The ending scene really sells the rest of the episode for me, too. I think I just like the idea of willful ignorance in my Black Mirror. Makes me feel woke. Anyways, I think MAF is kind of a forgotten episode but it deserves at least a little credit for managing to leave me speechless and create such a fucking sad world.

episodes remaining:
S1E3- The Entire History of You
S2E1- Be Right Back
S2E2- White Bear
S2E4- White Christmas
S3E1- Nosedive
S3E2- Playtest
S3E3- Shut Up and Dance
S3E4- San Junipero
S4E1- USS Callister
S4E6- Black Museum

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omg YES, please tag me in this!!!
i have no idea who u're going to pick as number 1 bc there is so many possibilities for the best ep :((((((((
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19. S4E4- Hang the DJ

wait actually what, this ranking is CANCELLED
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BRB/History of you better be next those episodes were so meh overall imo
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arkangel's one of my faves
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Is the about the VR video game in this? It's the only Black Mirror episode I've watched so far and I loved it!
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