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black mirror episode rankings (16-14)

Apr 11, 2018 by Absol
wanted to rank all the episodes, and decided that i'll post it on tengaged for funsies,  because i usually have controversial opinions and enjoy arguing over subjective matters, so feel free to tell me i'm wrong/right/misinformed about something. pyn to be tagged in future blogs

**spoilers lay ahead because obviously i talk about the episodes. i gave yall a fair warning now so dont come crying to me :3.**

16. S1E1- The National Anthem- National Anthem is not a bad episode? I think it’s one of those episodes that’s based in a really similar reality to our own, which kind of ruins the whole BM feel in general. I think the best BM episodes are the ones that take the ramifications of technology to an extreme length, and this one kind of fails in that area. That being said, the premise of the episode is kind of wacky and fun to watch. The technology they wanted to kind of get into (I guess?) was this idea of everyone’s obsession with media and making a public spectacle, which I like, but it was kind of also gross to watch. I don’t have a lot else to say about the episode except I feel bad for the prime minister because his wife hates him now :(. The twist at the end is pretty forgettable and feels kind of fake deep, like “oh wow she was totally okay but everyone was too busy watching the prime minister fuck a pig to notice, the news is fucked up, man”. They could’ve done a little better with this idea. So sorry, producers.
15. S3E6- Hated in the Nation- This is honestly the episode I would say I feel the closest towards nothing about. I love the idea of a cyberbullying episode or… whatever, but the problem of the episode does kind of rest on the fact that it sucks at making its point. They spend a LOT of time on all the investigation/death parts where there’s little to no actual character building. I don’t think those are intrinsically bad, but I think one of the things Black Mirror is good at is doing more than just creating one linear plot line. Usually the characters are more compelling, and they’re more directly involved with the technology that the episode plays with, but this episode takes a pretty long time to build up to actually finding out what the point they’re trying to make with the episode itself. That all being said… I guess it’s still a good point? Like the idea of not wishing death on people online is a good sentiment, but I feel like they go about it in such a weird way. Killing everyone who participated in the hashtag feels like overkill because they failed to create a compelling storyline otherwise. The only real intersection of the two major plot lines in the story is at the very end when one of the detective people wishes death to the person who started the #deathto thing. I think this episode could’ve been a lot better, but I still like it.
14. S4E5- Metalhead- People will probably hunt me down (like the dogs in the episode? get it?) for liking Metalhead so much, but I’m kind of obsessed with how different this episode is from a lot of others. The story is probably one of the weakest, but the lack of worldbuilding is a different approach and I’m on the edge of my seat wondering what the fuck is going to happen the entire time. I love how the episode is set in a post-apopaloptic (sp?) world and Bella is literally alone for like 80% of the time being chased by these fucking dogs. The black & white cinematography actually adds a cool touch to the episode and there’s plenty of really terrifying moments in this episode. I also like how fucking smart the main character is, because she finds plenty of really interesting tricks to eventually take down the dog. I think it’s even better how it all ends up being useless in the end because of the tracking devices that the dog shoots out after its death. I think the big “ending twist” of the teddy bears is kind of a stupid thing to argue over and it’s just supposed to be a heartwarming way to end the episode, not some *major reveal*. The entire twist was supposed to be the futility of the mission in the first place.

episodes remaining:
S1E2- Fifteen Million Merits
S1E3- The Entire History of You
S2E1- Be Right Back
S2E2- White Bear
S2E4- White Christmas
S3E1- Nosedive
S3E2- Playtest
S3E3- Shut Up and Dance
S3E4- San Junipero
S3E5- Men Against Fire
S4E1- USS Callister
S4E2- Arkangel
S4E6- Black Museum



oooh these are some good episodes out first (hang the dj!!) but i still have faith in you

just pls dont overhype the trash of "fifteen million merits" and "san junipero"

and pls tag me if thats okayy <33333
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Metal head is my least favorite
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Tag pls
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You're hard to please I've noticed lol xD
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