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black mirror episode rankings (19-17)

Apr 7, 2018 by Absol
i'm bored, wanted to rank all the episodes, and decided that i'll post it on tengaged for funsies, because i usually have controversial opinions and enjoy arguing over subjective matters, so feel free to tell me i'm wrong/right/misinformed about something. i'll probably try to post one of these blogs per day and find somewhere to save them all but... maybe i'll never make another one of these again. who knows.

**spoilers lay ahead because obviously i talk about the episodes. i gave yall a fair warning now so dont come crying to me :3.**

19. S4E4- Hang the DJ- ...I don’t even wanna write about this episode. The idea of having people in a dating simulation is really great, but this episode kind of gives away too much too early by having the characters acknowledge that they might be… in a simulation!!!! How crazy, never been done before, revolutionary!!! As well as this, the love story in it feels barely romantic and kind of just a huge waste of time. The main characters have a very awkward and fun chemistry, but if they’re predestined to go off and run away together… is it really all that shocking or interesting when they finally do? Doesn’t feel like it. I think if they had played with the concepts in the trailer of having to “trust computer” and follow the computer’s every whim, it could have been a much more fun and a much darker episode. They probably wanted and could have created a heartwarming love story, but they failed at that in my opinion.
18. S2E3- The Waldo Moment- The Waldo Moment is a really fun concept to explore but this episode falls flat in execution. The entire “xDDD WALDO IS TRUMP!!!” is painful to watch them set into place, because Waldo doesn’t share THAT many parallels with him outside of being foul-mouthed and more of a character than the average politician. But the worst part is that Waldo doesn't even end up… winning the election? I feel like I waste like an hour watching the episode because I wanted to watch what happened AFTER the cartoon character was elected in office and everyone is dead confused, but that didn’t happen, so the biggest consequence was a few people getting mad and the main character going crazy? o.O I guess if I legitimately cared/remembered any of the characters, that’d be an easy issue to forgive, because they would’ve at least done something… but I don’t think they did a good job at making a compelling, watchable story. It’s more of a political statement that feels rushed and reactionary in nature because Black Mirror wanted to create a super-realistic scenario about the state of the world, but they failed to either make a statement or make a good episode.
17. S4E3- Crocodile- Crocodile makes no fucking sense. There wasn’t a single point where I found myself rooting for the main character because she literally makes every bad decision possible. I get that the episode intended to do that, but I don’t find Mia to be a relatable character in any way, so it’s hard to feel any empathy for her or feel like she doesn’t deserve to be in that situation when she does it to herself. The idea of reading memories is really great too, but they take this technology to a real extreme with the ending twist of having the guinea pig memories be the damning evidence against Mia. That being said, I will say this episode is INCREDIBLE at creating tension in all of its scenes and I was definitely on the edge of my seat watching because of how far the entire situation is taken. Otherwise, the story is honestly kind of unrealistic and I can’t really get into it very much.


wow i wrote a lot! if you're still reading thanks i guess. if you want to be tagged to see where your favorite episode lands or something, feel free to pyn?

episodes remaining:
S1E1- The National Anthem
S1E2- Fifteen Million Merits
S1E3- The Entire History of You
S2E1- Be Right Back
S2E2- White Bear
S2E4- White Christmas
S3E1- Nosedive
S3E2- Playtest
S3E3- Shut Up and Dance
S3E4- San Junipero
S3E5- Men Against Fire
S3E6- Hated in the Nation
S4E1- USS Callister
S4E2- Arkangel
S4E5- Metalhead
S4E6- Black Museum


TEA @hang the dj
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Nosedive by far is #1
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black museum 1.
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I love hang the dj
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