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6thApr 1, 2018 by Absol
but i spent like 5 minutes typing a response so i'm gonna post a shorter version of it, ametrine.

are you technically allowed to do anything on this website since there is no moderation anymore? yes
are you free from criticism because nobody is here to enforce rules that 98% of the site still follows? no
was that blog incredibly defensive and trying to excuse yourself without admitting what you did? yes

no hate towards you personally but wow your blog was very misguided


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Yeah! I commented on the delusional blog too.

Other people being guilty doesn’t make him less guilty, and just because there was no a five force making him follow the rules doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be on in the future, or that he shouldn’t follow them. Hopefully they have to to grow and change as a person.
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I'll let the fans guess who is who ;)
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