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13thJun 17, 2016 by Absol
Welcome to the aftershow of RSF Season 34: American Grit! This season we have 16 competitors all vying for the title of champion of RSF, a title only 37 Tengagers have achieved. Anywhere from 1 to 4 players can win this season, so let’s get into what went down in the first week!

The first order of business was team selection, having players choose who they wanted to choose the teams. Ethan000, Teamjacz, SurvivorFan37, and mysterygame2 were the captains and the teams fell as shown here: (i’m not posting that shit here smh go look) However, DonaldTrump forgot to submit 2 of the assignments and doubledarefan was NOT having that. Let’s take a look:

shut it donaldtrup u didn't even the challenge
yea i did bro
no u had to do all 3 u did 1

Very interesting.

Going forwards into the challenge, the Marines took a strong lead and won the challenge, with the Army finishing in a strong second. While the Marines celebrated their win, the other 3 teams were forced to send someone into the first circus of the game. Brandonh1 was sent in by cadre Teamjacz in order to keep a strong team together, mysterygame2 decided to send in DonaldTrump due to his lack of participation, and carlyjordan14 made a risky move by volunteering to go into the Circus for the Army. However, DonaldTrump continued his inactivity streak and Brandon and Carly were saved, with Carly having an impressive first place finish in the circus.

~*~*~THE RANKDOWN~*~*~
These will be short write-ups about each contestant’s potential to win the game, including a contestant’s odds to win.
Ethan000 - (Odds to win: 2 to 3) Ethan finds himself in a season of question marks. His team is clearly a force to be reckoned with and he’s a well-known veteran in the RSF series, however, his victory is nowhere close to guaranteed with many rounds to come.
Qazwdxedc - (Odds to win: 1 to 5) Qaz, although a rookie, is well versed in group games and also on a very strong team and has performed so far, but his performance in an individual challenge is yet to be seen and his performance in the circus will likely make or break his time here.
Chris1080 - (Odds to win: 1 to 4) Chris is a total toss-up coming into this game. Being on the marines is a super huge plus for him, and he seems to be a very strong competitor, but has come under scrutiny for his blow-ups in TTRS and RSF.  So, can this fiery player perform well enough to come away with a win this time?
JTthePrince - (Odds to win: 1 to 10) JT is an interesting character. So far, he’s stayed quiet, but he has performed in challenges. He finds himself in the same situation as Qaz, being on what is likely the strongest team, but with no personal accomplishments to cement himself as a player yet. His later position in the pick order and lack of connections on the season could prove problematic if his team loses.
Teamjacz - (Odds to win: 1 to 9) Teamjacz could have a lot of potential this season if his team is able to stick together and they can avoid being swept away by the others, because he’s active and definitely ready to compete.
Jman96 - (Odds to win: 1 to 7) Jman is a competitor, he’s proved it time and time again, but he’s endlessly close to a win and hasn’t gotten it yet. His ability to compete is clearly not the problem, but he needs to unlock whatever is holding him back in order to lead his team to victory.
Doubledarefan01 - (Odds to win: 1 to 15) Although on the weaker side as a competitor, Nels isn’t afraid of anyone and could pull off some surprising wins this season.
Brandonh1 - (Odds to win: 1 to 30) Brandon found himself in the hot seat last week, and may be pushed to the back of his team and become a default send-in if blue loses. His performance in the circus was middling and his days may be numbered.
SurvivorFan37 - (Odds to win: 1 to 4) Group game player Will is also a character with a lot of potential this season, who could find himself in the finals with his team if they can pull off a few wins.
Halloween - (Odds to win: 1 to 10) Halloween has been quiet so far, but we know that Halloween could likely pop off and ruin his own game. He’ll need to value his team over his ego if he plans to win the season.
Carlyjordan14 - (Odds to win: 1 to 6) Carly proved her worth in the circus this week and may be able to win more if she needs to. She seems to be an active player and could have the potential to win in a final.
Dominosummers820 - (Odds to win: 1 to 50) Domino has barely talked and was likely only saved due to Carly volunteering, and finds himself in a sticky situation next week if green loses again.
Mysterygame2 - (Odds to win: 1 to 8) Mysterygame is active, but considering red’s performance in the first challenge and the fact that they lost a member creates a risky situation for the red team as a whole.
Coolexchangestudent - (Odds to win: 1 to 12) Cool is a competitor, and could possibly win the whole game, but will definitely need to step up in order to prevent just being swept away.
Theocrules - (Odds to win: 1 to 40) Theo is in the same position as Domino on his team and will need to step up to avoid going home.

Interested? Be a fly on the wall in the American Grit house, and catch all the action here:


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