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  1. I don't understand JC's game
  2. Just watched the latest BB20 Episode
  3. I'm not suprised
  4. This Veto is intense
  5. I hate the fact
  6. BB20 Question
  7. I'm gonna be so pissed
  9. Scottie
  10. Do Level 6
  11. My Goodness
  12. This house meeting
  13. Can someone please tell me
  15. Swaggy C
  16. Guys It's Been Fun
  17. So did Tyler
  18. Does anyone else
  19. The only people left I'm even rooting for now
  20. Angela is awful
  21. Is JC really considering keeping Rachel?
  22. Level 6
  23. Unpopular Opinion
  24. Why is
  25. Is That Minion
  26. Is anybody really on to Tyler?
  27. More reasons to hate BB Twitter
  28. Is Fayscal
  29. I still like Sam
  30. Winston
  31. Why is there a YouTube Channel
  32. Also
  33. Is Sam
  34. Can JC just make up his damn mind?
  35. God
  36. Who's going home as of now?
  37. I need Winston to stay this week
  38. I find it interesting
  39. BB20 Question
  40. Did I miss something?

Everyone thinks

Aug 25, 2017 by ANTMStar
Britney and Rachel were the Queen's of #BB12
Kathy was the true Icon of that season!

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