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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

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Apr 11, 2012 by 75937563748
(FOR MY OWN REFERENCE!...Need to clear my profile!)

"You are amazingly lovely! You have such a kind nature and I’m really glad we started getting to know each other! You are nice to everyone, all of the time and that’s really something special! Plus you always have great advice for people ❤️"
"Callum! You are a wonderful human who I have really enjoyed getting to know. You have the kindest soul and truly I cannot wait to hear about your successes in the future. I know you achieve great things and the people you help will be better for having you in their corner!"

"You are amazing and so sweet. I've spoke to you for a while now and it always seems to be on blogs that we interact. You take your time to comment on peoples blogs so no wonder tengagers like you so much! I've noticed were not listed as friends on tengaged.. so.. add me! :D"

"KINGGG UR SO NICE! WE met recently thru music and ur so much like me in terms of opinions and who we stan! UR INTELLIGENT TOO which I admire! glad we're friends <3 ur amazinggg"

" ♥♥♥♥ Omg we have been through some times lol! i used to hate ur guts but tbh, i was so wrong. ur such a kind hearted guy and i am so glad we are friends ♥ never change, ur amazing ;)"

"you are so fierce babe! like DAYUM! We are in a lesbian relationship you are that fierce! I love you cause no one gives you shit and that makes you the princess of fierce! XoX PoF XoX"
QueenOfFierce...*after I kinda tricked people into believing I am a girl! XD lovely words though!

In response..."75937563748 you cunt! hahah I believed you so much lol XD Still supper fierce like dayum! I love you x
Sent by QueenOfFierce,Oct 27, 2012"

"I will never know how you remember your name! I don't think I've ever heard a bad word about you. Great person, and I love talking with you in games :)"

"It’s been ages since we’ve talked or played a game together but you’ve always been a great guy IMO. HMU sometime if you wanna join a game and catch up. ❤️❤️❤️❤️"
Sue (JustMe)

"75937563748 - Okay firstly i'd like to apologize for being extremely rude to you on one occasion, this was a whileee back when you reblogged something i blogged just 2 minutes before you and it got ignored while yours didn't, okay now thats off my chest You are absolutely the most intelligent user on here i have ever seen. I haven't ever seen such a sensitive, gullible, caring, intelligent and cute male in my entire life. You definitely have a huge career sometime in the future and best of luck with your dream of being an author, from the way you type your blogs to the way you reply to people it's amazing how timid and nice you can be without fail. ABSOLUTELY annoyed by your random user i can never remember but thats what makes you even more unique, definitely very underrated here and i think highly of you as you're an inspiration both mentally and psychically =]"

"when i met you you were being so nice and just such a great person usually when i hit up a new person there like.....who the hell are you? or just dont respond LOL but you were just flat out kind and although we dont talk as much as id like you still are the kind person i met monthes ago so dont change that about you please LOL tengaged needs nice people"
Tony (vhrluvr15)

"75937563748-MY NUMBERS MONSTER!!!!!! I just love love you!! If our frat ever did so lucky to get the star seat you are the person I would want to put in the game. I think you have the just the right amount of game play and understanding the game takes"
"I love you so much
Sent by gagaluv,May 25, 2020"
Carolyn (Gagaluv)

"75937563748 ~ You are a nice person...  I'm glad we played that survivor together it gave us a chance to talk...  :)"

"honestly youre an amazing straight guy and i cant believe how young you are because youre intelligence is probably greater than mine LOL youre amazing honestly its crazy xD"

"Hun♥ We player only once together in the last new casting of ever but in this i see how much ur are sweet and kind.. Luv u ♥".
Lucy (Lucinda)

"Your blogs always make me smile :D"
Kelly (kellyt210)

"we've had such a great time on Tengaged, we clicked instantly. I've grown to get to know you so well, and you're such a great friend and I have some wonderful memories of us :) You're so kind, selfless and generous, thank you for gifting me! Thank you for making my time here so special, I've enjoyed every minute of it! :)"
Colleen (Mittens)

"You are one of the wisest and most intelligent people on this website. You always add sophisticated thoughts to every conversation and they are always interesting to read"
"75937563748 -You are one of the most genuinely nice people on Tengaged. And it doesn't seem fake at all unlike other people on here who fake being nice just to get far in games. You seem like that is the way you really are. I'm still trying to memorize all those numbers".

"One of the kindest people in the history of Tengaged, and also one of the most intelligent. You have always been one of my favorites. I can always count on a blog comment from you even if the blog itself is very silly".

"7" - One of the nicest guys I've ever met. Not a mean bone in your body. We've had some encounters but the most memorable one was when old casting came back and we had that monster of a game. I got to know you there and you are cool".

"I did that without copying and pasting, I feel so accomplished!!111
On my old account, people would ALWAYS associate us together because my multi had random numbers too
When I didn't even know you =[
But I do love how you're so nice"

"♥75937563748-Omg  I actually love you so much, and am so glad we are back to normal again, I hated the stupid argument we had, but glad we sorted it out as I didn't realize but you actually mean so much to me, and am so glad I can call you my friend! We met through the Blogs page I think as we always use to plus/comment on each others blog and our friendship grew from there, Thank you for all that you have done for me, you are one of the reason that i've lasted so long, you serious need to get skype kty! And thankyou for joining my gold/100th game that meant sooo much to me! I also love how you like to use icons like me haha! Ifly! :* ♥♥♥♥"
Maisie and Molly (MoooCoww)

" I don't remember how when we met it was too long ago now.. But I just want you too know I am so glad we did! :3 I really don't know what I would have done without you.. this past week you have been there for me through a lot of things.. Is so nice to have someone I can talk too and be able to vent and who give suggestions on how to make the situation better. You are such a good listener.. I love that about you. That argument I still really dwell over and hate it.. but if anything it has made our friendship so strong it's unreal. :D You are so nice to everyone no matter what, you are also so positive all the time! i love you to bits NEVER CHANGE, as long as you log into this site day in, day out know that I will be right behind! I love you babes. :3 xx"
Molly (MoooCoww)

"75937563748! I like that you are one of my most favourite people on here, honestly I love you so much, You are the person who has helped me through a lot of irl stuff and been there to listen whenever I needed to vent and I cannot thank you enough for that. You always give me amazing advice and you never judge! For someone of your age you are very mature and I like how ambitious you are, you have a bright future in journalism ahead of you! Words cannot describe how much our friendship means to me, I honestly do not know what I would do without you! I have loved every single casting we have played together, you always make them so fun and it’s nice being able to play with someone who is as amazing as you! I know I could tell you anything and you would keep it a secret that is one of my most favourite things about you! I like how we have nicknames for each other, how funny you are and how upbeat and positive you remain even though you have been through a lot of things yourself! I dislike nothing about you. The only thing I dislike is that time we had that massive argument forever ago, I said a lot of things I regret but I feel it has made our friendship stronger. =]"
Molly (MoooCoww)

"Too funny, cause when i started this game i hated ur name 75937563748, i was like WTF ... but i have to say i lv ya, i think u r amazing and thanks for a great game, u kept me on my toes and FYI, chris did not get that key, I DID, lol, but I was working it to save DEB :o)".
Seana (Seana86)

" I like your genuineness and kindness - you don't let the drama filled environment on this site mold you into some crazy drama queen, you remain as yourself. You are you".

"♥ OMG YOU ARE THE VERY FIRST PERSON I TRUSTED! Remember the times I do things to get banned? LOL! You're one of the reasons why I'm still here. ♥♥♥ I'm always happy to be with you in every game and I'm always happy when we talk! You are very nice and you're a veeeeery sweet guy! YOU ARE MY BESTFRIEND and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! ♥♥♥♥♥".
Chiara (Summerlover)

"To be honest, you are easily in the top ten nicest people on this ENTIRE website! You never cease to amaze me in your kindness and outlook on life. You are extremely charming and kind, two things that when combined together make a concoction that explodes into a ball of joy! That probably sounded lame but it is true in every sense of the words, you are a great human being who will live an extremely successful life! I hope everything works out for you mate, you deserve it! :D
Dylan (DJ2230)

"Good ol' 7, I can't remember your username for the fkin life of me but luckily if I ever need to find you I know I can just check one of my blogs, you comment them a lot and it's always a pleasure to return the favour. Good bloke!"
"Callum 👍 you're the kind of nice straight-laced gentleman Americans think of when they think of british stereotypes"
Dru (BengalBoy)

"Screams a tg legend, I think i've told u this in a past pyn blog that u were one of the main people I always saw on tg when I was a noob, for some reason I remember us interacting back in the day but couldn't tell you for what. Either way ur a king! My endings to these pyns r getting stale and repetitive but I rly do hope you're doing well these days!"


♥ = 1 heart (<  3)
♥♥ = <  33

And so on. :)
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