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Gee whiz I’m only 17 I’m a child!

Feb 28, 2021 by 3pi14159
I can’t think for myself! Oh lord I can’t wait until I turn 18 so I can think for myself!


Sent by GentlemanG,Feb 28, 2021
I can confirm that I gained all the magical powers of thinking for myself, living independently, and making my own decisions the moment I turned 18
Sent by GoodKaren,Feb 28, 2021
literally it's such a stupid argument
Sent by lmaobrit2214,Feb 28, 2021
you will look back when you’re actually an adult and realize how untrue this is
Sent by boneworks,Feb 28, 2021
boneworks im gonna be an adult next thursday i dont think im suddenly gonna wake up and be like oh wow im so independent
Sent by 3pi14159,Feb 28, 2021
I don’t consider 18 a fully mature adult and the way you’re acting only confirms my beliefs lol
Sent by boneworks,Feb 28, 2021
No one is saying this, any of this.  The argument is not that "18 is a magic number and you gain maturity", but there are laws in place for a reason, 18 is the starting age of independence and maturity.  Most people at 18 graduate high school and begin living their lives in a different way then they do as a minor, and your brain begins to develop and mature more.
Sent by Sebbers,Feb 28, 2021

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