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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

PYN for an honest opinion

Dec 31, 2020 by 2388
I’ll be brutally honest since after 2021 I don’t wanna offend anyone so I can rn

Lexeyjane One of my favs ❤️❤️ Even tho u didn’t tag me in ur merry Christmas blog cries

Ilovetosing idk u tbh sorry

Yawnha don’t know u sorry

Bomberv Kinggg ur good vibes I like ur Australian energy and ur funny

Pinkiepie512 Grace ur so sweet queen

BarbraStreisand I think we’re cool? Idr where we left off

Washed_Ravioli idk u that well but I see u around

Amandabynes I know ur an OG tengager but idk u

Chic I love ur music like I actually listen to it and know the words to songs. Mail me the MBD7 tea x

Druu Proper geezer u are! a right laugh! Jkjk kingg Dru funny smart charming friendly, must I go on??

Zoon Zayyy, ur like a brother to me. Someone I talk to outside of tengaged and all that. I've known u for years we rlly watched eachother grow to the smart successful kings we are today. Love u sm ty for always being there to talk and u know I'll always be there when u need me. When we call we be laughing so much and yea ur just a king lysm <3


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omg apologies
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love u
Sent by Zoon,Dec 31, 2020

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