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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


4thDec 11, 2020 by 2388
Delete2544 KING JL ur so effortlessly funny I love ur personality ur so goofy sometimes u be saying things and noone else catches the joke and I do and im just like LOL king

Druu if this is BENGALBOY ur a KING I cant wait till we are on the challenge one day and we win ur funny and charismatic

pinkiepie512 GRACE we dont speak but I love ur personality pls never change ur so kind and I just love nice ppl ur unapologetically u

melindaMrskk You must be so pissed Millie Bs song went viral and ppl dont know its her I sure am UGH anyway British king

lemonface Dont know u but Hi x

Yoshicoolman Hey omg long time no see how are u?? We used to fight a lot but i got nothing but love for u now

MmabatlokoaMolefe Ween not gonna lie Im not a fan of your friendgroup coz of some of the things yall say but I heard ur mature now which is good to hear

Marwane Name TWIN <3 dont know a whole lot about u but I know ur a chill guy and super nice

XxLoveWakizaxX I cant remmeber if I like you or not but I know your super funny ur blogs used to make me LOL

Memphis_grizzlies John king, if theres one thing about u its u know how to make bitches MADDD just with ur presence, thats king shit right there. Never drop ur crown icon just like me ur kind to those u like but a real BITCH to those u dont LOL

holllyy1230 Holly queen <3 we dont talk much or at all tbh but I think ur super sweet and funny and i have nothing but nice things to say about u online dermatologist <3

smuguy2012 Not gonna lie I know nothing about u

deshonBANNEDISBACK We dont talk and I dont know a whole lot about u but whenevr we do talk ur super nice to me <3 Also ur an Ari stan so Purr

Jessie_ Dont know u babe

Kmartt Dont know u x

iiGalaxyii Andrew Idk u that well but u stan ARI, ur nice to me and I always appreciate kindness ur also funny from what ive seen

Moxii BRENDON <3 I miss ur new york accent ugh ur one of my tg sisters we dont talk much but ily fashionista king <33

SeaKing If I remember correctly we used to talk about shops a lot its been so long but ur super nice! hope ur well

zachbbs Dont know much about u I just remember arguing w u at some point i mean who havent i argued with

Judi pretty sure I got u kicked from the roblox chat LOL, its been a while i dont hate u  but u deserved it

christossss I love ur energy ur super funny I forgot where I know u from but I love ur personality x

jacksonjoseph99 FELLOW THERESA JONES STAN <3! I love anyone that loves Theresa

JennaValentina I used to hate ur ass but ive grown to like u even though u can be very annoying you have me dying whenever u argue w hunter like i gotta go on mute

Birks4444 ur such a kind king, we dont speak a lot but ur iconic and we stan MELISSA AND THERESA <3 hope ur doing good

Livvieboo12 Fufu ur one of my favs, ur SO LOYAL and i find u so funny and sweet even tho u can be a psycho bitch sometimes LOL but that makes u u British queen

BigBrotherdonny literally everything u say makes me laugh LOL lysm Donny <33 why are you spamming this babe?

Washed_Ravioli TBH all i remember about u is beating you in an elimination in the challenge. Ur pretty strong so i was proud of myself x

mradamman12 Ur a cool guy we dont talk much or at all tbh coz we dont play games at the same time i dont think but I like u as a person x

Brookie_cookie idk much about u but ur female and designed snapchat filters LOL

NicoleF idk how to feel about u, everytime we get along u randomly come for me and i dont have time for it tbh but we can still talk in games i need allies

Akeria Dallas <33 I love fashion and u appreciate Excluness and fashion as much as i do ugh we r so glam. I love ur personality too and ur creativitys amazing

Coreyants UMMMM sometimes i hate u sometimes ur fine but youve definately gotten better overtime

Turkeylover I remember scamming u in a Gift for Gift LOL sorry i was a fraudulent bitch in the past

Bomberv I heard u reported Dallas to the police LMAOAOA very psycho but we love a psycho <3 I know ur well known here but idt we ever spoke much

Kelly2722 Ur a Taylor stan so I stan u. I used to love trolling u coz ur reactions are funny but now I like u as a person i think ur kind


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