Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Nov 2, 2019 by 2388


Hi 2388!! How are you?
Sent by Kindred7,Nov 2, 2019
Kindred7 I'm good wbu! U dont know me coz I took like a 150 day break and became irrel but i was very popular in my time i promise
Sent by 2388,Nov 2, 2019
2388 I believe you LOL you seem to know a bunch of people and I saw paul028 has you as his top friend (i think) and he’s been really nice! I noticed a lot of really popular and cool tengagers take a hiatus or aren’t very active on the site so the fact that you did that makes me assume you’re probably one of them! And I’m good too thanks!! Just bumming around :p
Sent by Kindred7,Nov 2, 2019
(also i don’t care if you’re “irrel” or not - you seem nice and that makes you better than a lot of people)
Sent by Kindred7,Nov 2, 2019

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