Big Brother and online Hunger games.

you are a terrible person, Eric.

Jun 27, 2019 by 2388
Righttocensor maybe you need to look around and realise how ur the one that pushes people away.
Firstly, Daddydev took u under his wing and u find ANYTHING to be mad about
I cant remember the last night that u havent come for Hash and said things to make him look bad
You came at me for coming for Calebdaboss.. AND YOU DID IT THE NEXT DAY.. even worse than i did u hypocrite.

Rozlyn im not gonna write much for u coz im sure we'll be friends by tomorrow unlike eric who im done with but funny u can evict me in games but when i do it to u u throw a fit
and TWO ROUNDS BEFORE U betrayed Taurusmoon. Dont throw stones in a glass house


ALSO idk what ur aim was saying "IM NOT PLAYING IF MARWAN IS PLAYING"
Ok dont play LOL?? im not going anywhere.
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