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  1. True colours got shown.
  2. If i ever saw u irl
  3. ASK me cunts.
  4. u can only lose ur virginity by having sex
  5. you already tried that babes.
  6. Hair i just worked on.
  8. Love u
  9. Best song on Rare
  10. Coz it was just a quick hello
  11. Thank u king <3
  12. Its literally the same losers in every frooks
  13. Stream One I've Been Missing
  14. some of u need to grow up
  15. Merry christmas ladies
  16. Thank u so much 53.9%
  17. Stay mad :)
  18. Save me in stars <3
  19. Lover or Reputation?
  20. Whats ur issue sis
  21. If ur gonna take a shot at the baddest
  22. Hey guys <3
  23. support me in stars ladies
  24. Its over for you.
  25. You think you're funny, huh
  26. I'm 16, tito.
  28. Fiona you're literally so fake.
  29. Heard u bitches was lookin for ME
  30. This isn't your moment.
  31. +1 frooks
  32. All star frookies.
  33. This is my moment.
  34. Hey
  35. Hey
  36. Kayleigh.
  37. i see this site hasn't changed.
  38. Kayleigh is slaying
  39. HELP!!!
  40. you are a terrible person, Eric.

All those evil things u say...

Jun 18, 2019 by 2388
Firex say it to ppl's face.


I do but then they cant handle it so they spam my blogs to get negged so they can feel better about themselves when all they are is trash
Sent by FireX,Jun 18, 2019

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