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  1. <3
  2. Bitches can never respect my game.
  4. Yall I just watched Us
  5. I won that game.
  6. Bitches wanna
  7. Do we have an issue, Kam?
  8. PYN for an honest opinion lets go
  9. You know in lion king
  10. say K xD
  11. All those evil things u say...
  12. R you targeting me tonight in pink box
  13. I could play a game BLIND
  14. I'm (Not) the one
  15. does it ever drive you crazy
  16. Im about to kick someone
  18. ur implying that u dont WANT
  19. Arent u mexican LOL?
  20. Last blog on the matter
  21. why r fifty shades of grey
  22. Me getting 3rd after slaying
  23. am i overexaggerating or do
  24. I run this shit :)
  25. Lexeyjane and Itsalexia to neggers
  26. Ninja natalie
  27. Ask Me
  28. Awhh <33
  29. hurt.
  30. Enemies made today (ignore this):
  32. do u have something to say faggot
  33. you'd think bitches
  34. U need to calm down
  36. done w secondary school xP (high school)
  37. dont spam me if ur not gonna plus
  38. its actually shocking how vegan meat
  39. I dont like Taylor swift album name
  40. MEGATRON - Nicki Minaj

Its so refreshing

11thJan 11, 2019 by 2388
to see black KINGGSSS running the TG game right now danyyboy67 astone929 Zakisaboss Rubes Passionfruit
I may not see eye to eye w some of yall in games but DAMN the black kings on the site have been thriving lately 🙌🏾🔥👏🏾

Edit: BB5lover and Koolness234 too <3333


what about me
Sent by BB5lover,Jan 11, 2019
zak isnt a king lol
Sent by semajdude,Jan 11, 2019
Really forgetting to tag me in this
When I am slaying stars without a premade which is a lot harder than frooks because I cant play countme everyday to snag veto
Sent by koolness234,Jan 11, 2019
Sent by D882,Jan 11, 2019
Sent by Rubes,Jan 11, 2019
I ❤ this
Sent by WhateverTheF,Jan 11, 2019
very disappointed in you 2388
Sent by koolness234,Jan 11, 2019
Sent by Passionfruit,Jan 11, 2019
bb5lover is my favorite black king
Sent by lemonface,Jan 11, 2019
I love me some BBC
Sent by Jayglezst,Jan 11, 2019
danny is black?
Sent by ghrocky100,Jan 12, 2019
Is rubes black wtf
Sent by damo1990,Jan 12, 2019
bb5lover is my favorite black king
Sent by lemonface,Jan 11, 2019
Sent by Kob3Sm1th,Jan 12, 2019

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