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  1. They're burning all the witches
  2. I'm sorry that I'm here again
  3. I feel like when I get a car
  4. Hmmmmm
  6. Eric im cool w u now
  7. I think the first round of a frookies
  8. When the pimp's in the crib ma
  9. Hiiiii
  10. No title
  11. doesn't matter coz it's enough
  12. You gettin comfortable
  13. Mood.
  15. OOPS I did it again
  16. Gonna vlog when I get home in
  18. VLOG
  19. PYN for a 1-5 word opinion
  20. First person to comment on this blog
  21. king tingz.
  22. Ur avi looks better w Black Niall
  23. ALEXIA, play GOODBYE
  24. Is it worth it? Let me work it
  25. If I wanna make a pizza at 1am
  26. the worst type of ppl on tg
  27. what r some good endurance skype game comps
  28. cut negativity out your life.
  29. Now I know I have met...
  30. Vlogging this weekend!
  31. I really snapped huh
  32. Heatherlum
  33. imagine
  34. Remember episode three
  35. Did I tell yall about the short
  36. If I was Bananas
  37. Filtering me???
  38. Who wants to play PINK BOX?
  39. why is this a TOP BLOG?
  40. обичам те

cut negativity out your life.

Dec 7, 2018 by 2388
live your best life. delete social media. block your landlord's number. uninstall your banking app. stop paying rent and taxes. forget math. quit your job.
All in the name of self care <333 💕


Sent by Paige54,Dec 7, 2018

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