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  1. I need to go now!
  3. So today one of my FAVS
  4. I deadass wanna scramble my pw
  5. rate my avi
  6. Front Page
  7. miss her so muchhh
  9. who remembers when
  10. This is all a HOAX
  11. A HERO.
  12. Max we go WAY BACK <33
  13. This is my news report look x
  14. lets be friends
  15. Keep going !!!!!!
  16. PYN for a tbh
  17. I'm 100% over humankind
  18. Its been SUCH a long day...
  19. feeling fresh feeling fierce
  20. shop 2 grace opens soon
  21. Ok I got like 30 mails
  22. who is talking about
  23. join frooks whats wrong w yall
  25. No title
  26. And if ur TORN
  27. u havent been performing too well
  28. it was me...
  29. I scammed you :)
  30. I've never been more excited for a Challenge
  31. I took names of all of u that voted me out in..
  32. Top 4 fav artists, no particular order.
  33. Holding hands w my besties
  34. No title
  35. this BBCAN season has me bored. its very
  36. Who is current BBCAN HoH??
  37. hes a scammer
  38. I can't wait for Earth omg
  39. I miss when we were best friends
  40. so i got banned when i said f word

The other day was traumatising

Nov 6, 2018 by 2388
I was home alone and the microwave was broken at the time I mean it worked but it just wouldnt spin idk why
so I had to warm up my food but when I remembered the microwave was broken it made me so demotivated.
Either I was gonna order something or use a pan to warm up my pasta
I decided to try warm it up

Considering I cant cook anything, I made a lil mess but it turned out decent in the end.
still sends shivers down my spine tho


Sent by peace123,Nov 6, 2018

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