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  1. I was 13 when I joined this site...
  2. my fav colors are the colors
  3. K a y l e i g h
  4. idk how i feel about u
  5. so its come to my attention that
  6. first person to say full name
  7. No YOU are
  8. did my invitations disappear
  9. aint no crying in the club hey hey let the beat..
  10. i dont watch Survivor and dont understand
  11. This was an iconic era! but all good things
  12. Keep asking about my shop!!!!
  13. take ur medication roman
  14. why r a-list celebs flopping
  15. Ahhh <3
  16. Gift Giveaway!
  17. heya loosers!
  18. imagine deleting
  19. I just broke up w my ex
  20. Look, I know ur a crackhead
  21. who has a vevmo account i can use
  22. white ppl can be hella racist (not all)
  23. Let's have a girls night out tonight!
  25. This time of the year is always really hard for me
  26. when white ppl say periodt i cringe
  27. I remember crying
  28. thank god i dont watch got
  29. no more game of thrones??? FOREVER?
  30. so this is how its gonna be huh
  31. imagine gifting someone then blogging
  32. Collection comes out sooon "PAYDAY"
  33. unscramble this word for a gift!
  34. Am I the only one that
  35. 馃挋 hey 馃挋
  36. who wants my password
  37. I can sing <3
  38. a king's life is upside down rn
  39. I wanna play a skype game tonight
  40. what should my next vibe be x

I dislike how unpopular

Oct 1, 2018 by 2388
black designs are in shops! more black skins pls

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