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  1. Top 4 fav artists, no particular order.
  2. Holding hands w my besties
  3. No title
  4. this BBCAN season has me bored. its very
  5. Who is current BBCAN HoH??
  6. hes a scammer
  7. I can't wait for Earth omg
  8. I miss when we were best friends
  9. so i got banned when i said f word
  10. U were the man in college
  11. The Challenge, live footage of Georgia
  12. I hope either Cory or Anthony
  13. AWH <333
  14. A KING. <3
  16. Being an insta influencer
  17. who do u think u are????
  18. he wants to be billie eilish so bad...
  19. Anyways,
  20. leaving tg forever bye
  21. join frooks guys pls
  22. All of these girls, got 'em standing in a line
  23. do we still got beef
  24. Long Island
  26. grace
  27. rlly noone asked for ur opinion
  28. who wins veto in BBCAN???
  29. I'm gonna say it...
  30. if queen lexey dont wanna gift u
  33. Kam, Kayleigh and Zahida
  34. Mails <33
  35. how many days
  36. Ur avi is the best thing since sliced bread
  37. I cant breathe....
  39. Can't forget to breathe slow...
  40. I love

I love Cardi

Sep 8, 2018 by 2388
but... I dont see it as a competition! I see two artists
its not a case of, if u like one of them u HAVE TO think the other is TRASH TRASH GARBAGE TRASH
How yall gonna turn on Nicki who we've all been bopping to for YEARS like that


Every just makes things about sides lol that's like with Big Brother. Everyone acts like you can't like Haleigh but also like Tyler, Kaycee, Brett etc
Sent by Iceey,Sep 8, 2018
everyone *
Sent by Iceey,Sep 8, 2018
I just dont like Cardi unrelated to Nicki
Sent by Jaxon,Sep 8, 2018
Because they're both women if color rappers and they have to be compared
Sent by _Adidas_,Sep 8, 2018
Well they r being compared because they got in a fight today. But in general I’d agree
Sent by GiGi10,Sep 8, 2018
This is very mature and true - they can co-exist :)

Society is quick to disregard artists who take a break and it is sad. I've always believed if someone can trike gold once, they can do it again. If I liked an artist like ten years ago and I see they're back, I'll always check it out.
Sent by 75937563748,Sep 8, 2018

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