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  1. win 5 million dollars and
  2. It's cornrows.
  4. THANK U <3
  5. Love u Ariana
  7. Add me to chats!
  8. Honestly having a crush
  9. do ppl actually wear black to funerals?
  10. the people are talking
  11. I used to take games sooo personal
  12. AHHHHH
  13. If you can believe,
  14. new blog picccc
  15. Let's put those topics to bed
  17. It's bad enough we get alone
  18. R.E.M by Ariana Grande
  19. LOOOL iScotty getting snatched
  20. CBBUK
  21. I know it inside my heart
  22. If anyone on tg got bullied
  23. Yall being drama free is so goodt
  24. PYN fatties
  25. PYN and I'll say my fav person
  26. When there's an echo on skype calls
  27. he's a mean one!
  28. "summer games" stock release
  29. sitting in a parked car
  30. We are CHIC!
  31. wow yall rlly lost it
  32. ME BEING DRAGGED into rap beef
  33. How dare we sit quietly
  34. who got banned?
  35. Hey guyss!
  37. MATURO and JENZIE are the most
  38. MY favourite thing to do is
  39. My first sexual encounter
  40. OMG you have 123 gifts

Why do ppl use

Aug 9, 2018 by 2388
"you buy ts" as an insult LOL? If ur rich its not an issue
ppl will spend their money HOW THEY WANT.


Because spending money on a website like tengaged is sorta funny, noah fence
Sent by Arris,Aug 9, 2018
I've never bought T's tbh, but yea idk why people are so pressed about it?

I always think of it like video games. I'll pay $60 for a video game that I may play for a couple months or so, but I've been on this site for over 8 years now lmao, so technically, even if I had paid $60 in T's, I'd be getting a better investment on this.

There really is no difference between paying $60 to have fun on a video game and paying $60 to have fun on this reality gaming website.
Sent by Kob3Sm1th,Aug 9, 2018
Cause you're mentally ill if you waste money on this site.
Sent by mysterygame2,Aug 9, 2018
Kob3sm1th I literally just compared it to buying video games on another blog, glad somebody else looks at it that way. it's like buying an expansion pack for call of duty or something like that or virtual currency on 2k or madden
Sent by zakisaboss,Aug 9, 2018
zakisaboss all the people who make fun of other people who buy T's are the same people who spent money on skins in LoL hahaha

it's all the same. At the end of the day, even though this site isn't as much about gaming anymore, this still is a gaming website.
Sent by Kob3Sm1th,Aug 9, 2018

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