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  1. Idk how to feel about new Ariana
  2. and that's what you missed ON GLEE
  3. thats about me rip VVV
  4. Its funny how friends come and go on TG
  5. what is
  6. Happy Birthday RJ! 馃帀馃嵎馃拑馃徎
  8. Happy Birthday Davo! 馃帀馃嵎馃拑馃徎
  9. Why cant I sleep WHEN IM TIRED
  10. ASK me
  11. Im dead at u pretending to like K pop
  12. Can you get in trouble
  15. Ranking the Braydens
  16. Awww
  17. Huy
  18. Of course the only ppl hating are
  19. have u ever lost all ur streaks at once
  20. Got a chain on my heart
  21. Mayelline is so funny
  22. why is
  23. Stupid fat Americans on this site
  24. Hey there :D
  25. Dont want no drama ma
  26. I hate crackers
  27. I hate crackers
  28. "Believe in urself"
  29. Kaylabby
  30. I hate you
  31. I hate when autistic ppl
  32. I-I-I-i I'm so fly
  33. #TeamNicki
  34. Theres a TGer on here
  35. Got a chain in my heart
  36. Kandee will be mod
  37. Rando could actually become rich
  38. If ur hated on TG
  39. Desire
  40. No title

I humbly apologize

Dec 31, 2017 by 2388
Obey_me for coming for u when u never came for me and being unkind, its uncalled for.
I hope we can set asside our dissagreemnents
I guess it was the fact that its practiacally IMPOSSIBLE to change ur head-strong opinions lol that got to me, but after all I thought about it and it's a great feature to be persistent and a feature that u should keep and not change
I will stop blogging about u and trying to get u banned and will postpone the plan I had to get u banned if u stop trying as well!
New year, fresh start and a clean slate for everyone I ever quarrelled with :D


Agree. Lets move on. We're  probably  more alike  than you know. Both strongly opinionated.
Sent by obey_me,Dec 31, 2017

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