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  1. Break 700!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Called up a bitch who was talking shit
  3. Black Mirror s4 > s3
  4. new Rita Ora!
  5. Not blogging on the subject again
  6. Just called up
  7. I'll knock u out little bitch.
  8. ▲▲▲ GIFT GIVEAWAY ▲▲▲
  9. I'm not here to make friends
  10. Chicken tenders/fingers/strips
  11. WHO got hacked?????
  12. Do they have kinder bueno in America
  13. Robbed of a top blog
  14. Unfilter me
  15. Leaving fake friends in 2017
  16. I will forever know u as the guy
  17. 10000000000%
  18. I am and will always be a city boy
  19. ASK ME.
  20. You copied my avatar!
  21. Yay trending!
  22. Even when you're yelling at me
  23. You're all I
  24. Are you assuming im human??
  25. + for Dua Lipa
  26. Basic
  27. Rita Ora
  28. Camila Cabello
  29. What's worse than an awkward situation????
  31. PYN and I'll guess if u have
  32. whats more fun than spending ur money?
  33. Me > Everyone
  34. Just like, nicotine
  35. Has CAMILA
  36. OMG NO
  37. Why wasn't Crying in the club on CAMILA
  38. Watch Black Mirror s4 and s3!!
  39. what's the video that everyones talking abt
  40. y am i so clingy

I humbly apologize

Dec 31, 2017 by 2388
Obey_me for coming for u when u never came for me and being unkind, its uncalled for.
I hope we can set asside our dissagreemnents
I guess it was the fact that its practiacally IMPOSSIBLE to change ur head-strong opinions lol that got to me, but after all I thought about it and it's a great feature to be persistent and a feature that u should keep and not change
I will stop blogging about u and trying to get u banned and will postpone the plan I had to get u banned if u stop trying as well!
New year, fresh start and a clean slate for everyone I ever quarrelled with :D


Agree. Lets move on. We're  probably  more alike  than you know. Both strongly opinionated.
Sent by obey_me,Dec 31, 2017

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