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  2. PYN and I'll guess if u have
  3. whats more fun than spending ur money?
  4. Me > Everyone
  5. Just like, nicotine
  6. Has CAMILA
  7. OMG NO
  8. Why wasn't Crying in the club on CAMILA
  9. Watch Black Mirror s4 and s3!!
  10. what's the video that everyones talking abt
  11. y am i so clingy
  12. If anyone ever said the n word to me
  13. Can we stop giving
  14. Found a pic of Katherinepierce
  15. ASK ME.
  16. PYN and give me ts little bitch.
  17. New phone yay!
  18. I GOT IT
  19. Can we be friends again
  20. Pic of EliotWhi?
  21. The stuff im spamming in for yall
  22. Time's up
  23. Yes, I do take tengaged seriously
  24. PYN and I'll make fun of ur avi!
  25. Last night we left the kitchen
  26. SECURITY!!!!
  27. Haters
  28. My fav vacation destination
  29. Doll. Glam. Slickk.
  30. Drunk in love
  31. I've had a change of heart
  32. The best album EVER. EVER. EVER.
  33. Im a design whore and im PROUD.
  34. I hate having guests
  35. you AGRIVATE me.
  36. Hi, my name is
  37. Andrew in CBB
  38. >>>>>>>ME<<<<<<<
  39. Black is beautiful
  40. White trash ppl r the worst


Dec 29, 2017 by 2388

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