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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

i bet this is going to be a top blog :)

Aug 8, 2011 by 12345
who do u think is coming back? i hope cassie comes back brendon has already been on there 2 times like jessie and doesn't need to come back. dominic is good but i'd rather see cassie come back just to annoy rachel and get her out. keith- who gives a damn about him theres no way hes coming back to the big brother house.

who do you think is coming back to the big brother house

1-keith  (lets hope not)
4-brendon ( fun fact: did u know he cheated on rachel?) and is a jerk doesn't deserve to come back and hurt rachel again.

who do u vote to come back into the big brother house?


Sent by MrDrFluffypantz,Aug 8, 2011
Sent by jinxed18,Aug 8, 2011
Sent by soiyer,Aug 8, 2011
Brendon because if Rachel does get evicted.  Face off. and once again separated
Sent by saxonmath,Aug 8, 2011
Sent by Rain848,Aug 8, 2011
sorry but it prob wont only levels apove green normaly get top and  Dominic
Sent by BenBen,Aug 8, 2011
Dominic Def! :)
because if Domic comes back the whole game could turn around in danilie's favor :)
Sent by nikkirags,Aug 8, 2011

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