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why are a lot of peeps mean on this site

Aug 8, 2011 by 12345
like for instance i checked out my best friend's blog and it was about a survivor game right? and peeps are all of a sudden being mean about it its just a damn game were not going to win all the time

and what is up with the negging? like seriously everytime i check a blog now its like a negative amount of points like seriously this should b a fun site not a site of negging just to make people feel bad unless u hate that person at least respect that person!

im also sick of people telling people that the other person is a liar! like seiously its not kindergarten this is like 6th grade to adulthood people should not call people liars like seriously that just hurts other peoples feelings!

plz stop this bs once and for all!

its just betraying a lot of people and i just dont wanna hear that they have been betrayed so plz stop! :) thanks for reading this blog for me guys :) i hope u understand this blog for ur time on tengaged :) thats just mean what bad people do on this site!

seriously be nice!


:) plussed
Sent by Crazy_Clown123,Aug 8, 2011
its true! i plussed u so plz ppluss my design!
Sent by MrDrFluffypantz,Aug 8, 2011
Sent by aiwfwyattroh,Aug 8, 2011

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