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1Q: Who's better you or thebaldman

asked by BrainJak

Thebaldman is obnoxious so mw

-1Q: Well, Paige5459 denied "FelipeS's juicy Brazilian cock", and she's gone now, so would you take his?

asked by JackEdgeAKAtheEdge

Oh Jesus yeah you're very direct... Honestly I don't think he's gay if he dated Paige so I gotta say no

-1Q: How did you like Stars?

asked by harrywasnak

Omg it was such a mess. One second you feel safe next thing you know you've been flavored then all of a sudden evicted. But it was fun

0Q: Yes.

asked by GoodKaren

Thank you :)

0Q: No.

asked by zachbbs

Interesting question. Don't know how to answer tbh

0Q: who is ur survivor daddy

asked by josiahsurvivor


0Q: kiss kill marry. cole, joe, devon. (these are all from survivor 35)

asked by josiahsurvivor

Kiss Joe, kill Devon, marry Cole

0Q: would you rather be stuck on an island with kim kardashian or taylor swift for 5 years? and u guys would be isolated together

asked by josiahsurvivor

Taylor swift because I'm curious what song she'd write about me

0Q: do u like lana del rey, arctic monkeys, gorillaz, etc?

asked by josiahsurvivor

Eh I could listen to them. I don't like them but I can tolerate them

0Q: whats ur favorite music to listen to?

asked by josiahsurvivor

Metal music. Death metal has got to be my favorite

0Q: only choose one.

asked by josiahsurvivor

Logan paul

1Q: wud u rather fuck jake paul or logan paul? u have to choose one

asked by josiahsurvivor

Why not both at once?

2Q: how excited are you to win stars :)

asked by bowkane

My only concern right now is how I'm gonna spend all those T$

15Q: How'd you pick your name?

asked by Jacadeux

Honestly it was random. Couldn't think of anything better

15Q: https://i.makeagif.com/media/8-13-2016/-_eyF9.gif

asked by JackEdgeAKAtheEdge

It would be you to post that gif lol

24Q: What is your favorite color? :)

asked by GoodKaren

My favorite color is black

24Q: https://ezgif.com/images/loadcat.gif

asked by DJ2722

I love cats! I have one named Tiger. He's the cutest

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