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1Q: Why is the world so cruel?

asked by RasCity

the world is a very cruel place. What do you do? Give in and let the world tear you apart lol

1Q: What am I supposed to be asking you?

asked by TJ2807

Anything lol. I just want T$

3Q: Why are you a man whore?

asked by ChynaDoll

I don't have any exes what are you talking about?

-2Q: Do you enjoy getting me going?

asked by heatherlum

What do you mean? I never get you going

20Q: 5 paragraph opinion xoxo

asked by DJ2722

you don't think I will? Where here goes nothing.

We started talking recently. I randomly messaged you, don't remember why, and ended up joining your charity. Although I got robbed of payouts thanks to my supposed brother Birks I still had a blast.

Then you added me to the group chat "the bunnies" with a good group of people. I left when I thought I was quitting this site but I didn't end up actually going. I still love that group of people though.

We haven't talked much since then though. I mean you tried to take the spotlight off me when I got a level which was a pretty entertaining FLOP but I still found it hilarious. I won't forget your tag anymore now.

I would love to play some more games with you. Your charity was a lot of fun and maybe we can play a slow game sometime. Maybe once this casting is done I'll let you know. Oh yeah, the psych unit misses you :3

So basically, let me round everything up. We need to talk more. We need to play a slow game. I do like you as a friend. I think you are a great person. You didnt think I'd actually do it?

20Q: fun fact: did you know below you said birks was your age but i am pretty sure he is like 14. Just saying

asked by jjvawesomeness0511

Closer than my other one who's 28

20Q: I like your outfit.. do you like my snorlax outfit?

asked by NikoTime

love it! Its a representation of my personality

20Q: what shuold i sak you

asked by jjvawesomeness0511


15Q: https://ezgif.com/images/loadcat.gif

asked by GoodKaren


8Q: https://ezgif.com/images/loadcat.gif

asked by Arizona_

*insert cat gif here*

22Q: You were married to that.

asked by 2Evolution

we all know you want him

15Q: If you had to pick one tger to meet irl who would it be?

asked by TJ2807

Ugh only one? Gotta pick my T-brother that's my age Birks

26Q: Why do you always discredit me :( Every time you make a sad blog about your friends ignoring you Im there always saying I like you :(

asked by paul028

aw I'm sorry I honestly don't mean to :( you can message me if you want and we can be friends though :)

26Q: G why are you such a good kid?

asked by heatherlum

Only if you knew some things about me

41Q: https://ezgif.com/images/loadcat.gif

asked by GoodKaren

Yay cat gifs

-2Q: If I told you  I loved your body?

Who you hold it against me ;)?

asked by Arizona_

I wouldn't hold it against you but I'd make sure you know I have a boyfriend and he's on this site

52Q: Why are you such a wise ass?

asked by heatherlum

I have an ass and I'm very wise with what I do with it

9Q: What is your favorite song?

asked by heatherlum

tough one. I'd have to choose enjoy your slay by ice nine kills

9Q: dating advice?

asked by paul028

Find the right guy and pray to god he likes you back

0Q: Who's better you or thebaldman

asked by BrainJak

Thebaldman is obnoxious so mw

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