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34Q: One word and a rank?

asked by FireWolf

never heard of it

0Q: what's your opinion on England

asked by BengalBoy

It's a country. A cold, depressing, over the top football fans, (ugly) and just overall negative. Also Jack the Ripper

-2Q: Opinion on Roblox?

asked by FireWolf

It's very blocky. but other than that, its 110% good

-5Q: roblox or roblox?

asked by GoodKaren

roblox 110% roblox WH- wait a second

-5Q: Taki taki
Taki taki RUMBA

asked by RavenWhiteFeather


0Q: Roblox or Blowcocks?

asked by Jacadeux

roblox 110% blowcocks WHO?

20Q: roblox or tengagy

asked by EmzThorne

Roblox 110% tengagy WHO? *kills self in oof*

0Q: roblox or neopets

asked by BengalBoy

Roblox 110% neopets WHO?

0Q: Roblox or habbo

asked by owlb0ned

Roblox 110% habbo WHO?

0Q: would you rather be on It's Me Or The Dog or Storage Wars

asked by BengalBoy

Storage Wars

0Q: If you could get back into your last relationship, would you? Why or why not?

asked by FireWolf

ew no, my last relationship was toxic af, we dated for 5 years and she cheated on me with 5 different guys in our class. It was a terrible mistake even dating her smh

50Q: Is Northern Ireland really as conservative as we are told it is in the England? What's your hometown like, is it generally  fine to be out to parents, want abortions? etc

asked by Anas

It is lmao, my hometown is mostly cold, rainy, small and just depressing, most older teens are always with friends, but i dont go along with the crowd, im always with my parents :P and abortions are still illegal sadly :(

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