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8Q: why do u smell so fucking bad? wash ur ass bitch

asked by KingB24

I'm in the bath right now though :(

2Q: Will you help me pay for Justme and Jenna2010's Assisted Living facility??? they are getting to that age and I can't afford it by myself :(

asked by HeavyRain

I'll help with Jenna. For Sue? Hell no! She beat me in Stars.

8Q: when r u going to perm tycoon

asked by Kelly0412

LMFAO. right now.

9Q: Are you mad CT and Kaycee won

asked by sosyomomma

I don't watch hun *spits*


asked by ItsAlexia

I don't know much about you, but you seem pleasant enough. I know there was some weird drama with you and CWF or something, but idk the specifics because I don't pay attention to that stuff. I've enjoyed our convos, though!

0Q: What types of medication do you take to endure administrating the site? Like i'm tryna be a calmer person perhaps that could help

asked by Hunty

LMAO well..... sometimes I scream into my pillow. I'd recommend that.

0Q: Opinion of me :?

asked by JohnPopper

I honestly don't know much about you, but you seem pleasant. I've never seen anything negative about you, so there's that!

0Q: Suck my twat?

asked by Minie


0Q: What's the next idea for special stars ?

asked by biminibonboulash

I'd personally like to see some version of International Stars (name TBD).

0Q: How’s studying (+/- internship) been going for you? How are you able to maintain a work/school/mod/life balance?

asked by Kindred7

I just finished up work for the summer last week (just finalizing a few things with them today), but it was great. I'm really good at managing my time, and I know when to take a step back from something if I need to. When I was doing online learning last year, obviously I was able to juggle a bit more (no time spent on commuting, etc). We'll see how things go this year now that we're back to in-person classes.

14Q: What made you want to become a mod on tengaged?

asked by Portland

Well, I was offered it back in 2015 and accepted it. Shit happened, was no longer a mod, and then the website was in shambles up until Rando came back and started caring again in early 2021. I logged on one day and gave Cheap the password to Tengaged_Moderation (which I have now discovered we can't access anyway), and then from there we started having conversations about me returning. I was very hesitant at first, but thought why not.

14Q: thoughts on taylor entering tiktok

asked by ItsAlexia

LMAO i literally never use tiktok and honestly i don't even think Taylor will get me to download the app so... i don't think i have many thoughts. i hope she enjoys it though

14Q: Why did you become a brunette ?????????????????????????

asked by Jessie_

I just changed it back hehe

-5Q: Suck my twat?

asked by systrix

Lmao I will not!

-5Q: Also I’d say you’re known as close to a ton of people on here but if you HAD to cast yourself with someone you think is your most notable iconic duo who would it be and why?!

asked by vansreborn

I think modern Tengaged sees me with sjsoccer88, but honestly, Kentuckyy is the person I'm closest too on here. LucyX3Jean and I were a pretty close pairing back in the day too, but I'd say Deena for sure.

-5Q: The TG does, yes. You, on the other hand… ;)

asked by Booyahhayoob

LMAO tea..

-3Q: When you announce the cast you should let us guess the final 3 on a blog and whoever gets it gets like 50t$, and other people get half (so 25t$ if someone guess it second then 12t$ for 3rd) so that even if you applied and didn’t get in you can still win something

asked by vansreborn

it's possible! honestly i'll probably be dealing with the large amount of "YOU'RE A FUCKING ASSHOLE WHY DIDN'T I MAKE IT IN" mails for the first bit though hehe

-5Q: Follow me on IG loser

asked by Booyahhayoob

Didn't the Tengaged account already follow you? Honestly I don't remember if I did..

-5Q: dont remove survivor swaps!!

asked by salmaan

Well, you heard it here folks.. it's gonna have to be a no.

-5Q: How do you feel this cast stacks up to WaW in terms of iconic users?

asked by Thnksfrthmmrs

That's honestly a tough one. If we are talking name recognition ALONE (aka "icon" status), then frankly, it probably doesn't match up completely to WaW and I don't think anything will. But the duos twist brings a whole new dynamic of everybody having somebody that they (presumably) won't nominate. There's some big names in there, and some people that will bring the drama, just like WaW, but the casting criteria was entirely different.

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