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0Q: Did u know that apples, onions, and potatoes all taste the same?

asked by malachite05

no i never but im really contemplating asking google this

8Q: hi mom

asked by JourdanBabyXoXo

hiiiiiii mooooooooom

8Q: say hi to ciera for me

asked by FelipeS

they say hi back

0Q: opinion

asked by Music

this is not political but i laf u and i cant wait to put kissies all over ur face one dai xoxo

-6Q: Me alegra mucho que te haya gustado el regalo,los ts estan para eso,en la vida real no nos sirve amiga 馃槝

asked by Monaguillo_1

jaja, es tan cierto que me siento honrado de que hayas gastado tu dinero en l铆nea en mi marido argintino :* :*

0Q: opinion

asked by Sameed27

i dont think weve talked much either but you seem really friendly :)

0Q: Opinion!

asked by Kandee_

We havent really talked much but you seem like a nice person and i like how you voice your opinions on things without caring what people say or think i like that about people x

0Q: brexit or not brexit?

asked by Styxxe

urgh no brexit booo!!!!

0Q: do you want the queen to renounce ?

asked by FelipeS

not sure waht is meant by renounce but she should do hat makes her happy!

0Q: how do you feel about that smuguy feller

asked by BengalBoy

LOL me and matt are cool now and have put away our handbags, he鈥檚 a good fella 馃憤

13Q: 1) can u vote me here

2) swansea or cardiff?

asked by AlanDuncan

Voted and Cardiff obvs babe

7Q: how's it been carrot!

asked by JasonXtreme

its been alright thank you! hbu? nice to see you around again :) x

-5Q: scissors ?

asked by FelipeS

chop chop chop

0Q: indeed i am:D

asked by Vlad21

thats just GR8

0Q: Are u str8 btw?

asked by Vlad21

yes straight male here are you a female?

0Q: Are you Malachite's sister?

asked by Thirteen

No I am actually her father

0Q: how many latinos do you plan on seducing??

asked by Music

minimum 1 a day *hearteyes*

0Q: How bout me?

asked by woeisme

maaybe...oh wait nope NEXT

9Q: Will you miss me while you鈥檙e away?

asked by Music

nope NEXT

9Q: Will you miss me while you鈥檙e away?

asked by SmoothStalker12

nope NEXT

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