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0Q: how many latinos do you plan on seducing??

asked by Music

minimum 1 a day *hearteyes*

0Q: How bout me?

asked by woeisme

maaybe...oh wait nope NEXT

9Q: Will you miss me while you鈥檙e away?

asked by Music

nope NEXT

9Q: Will you miss me while you鈥檙e away?

asked by SmoothStalker12

nope NEXT

52Q: will you keep a photo of my avatar in your wallet as you travel?

asked by SmoothStalker12

yes to remind me why i hate you

19Q: Are the ones you named a first rank blog after, the ones you love the most 馃構. Blink twice for yes

asked by woeisme

*Blinks ten times*

8Q: Is it true you once ate an entire watermelon and kept the seeds to make a necklace out of them?

asked by SmoothStalker12

yes i wrote this on my wiki page hellooo

-7Q: How come women feel the need to tell you they have to pee when you're making them laugh? You gals need to learn how to hold it in!

asked by woeisme

We have sensitive bladders what can i say! small excitement and hello flood gates open

40Q: hows it feel to be wearing 2 designs created by ME???

asked by SmoothStalker12

It's a conflict of emotion. On one hand i love the designs, on the other, i dislike you a lot...

0Q: If you have a feeling someone randomly messaged you this week only because they were joining stars, should you evict them when they go up?? Asking for a "friend"

asked by woeisme

Were you friends before? hehehe it would be very tempting i guess

25Q: what do you usually make for lunches during the week? or do you buy lucnh? :)

asked by Tyler93

lately i pop down to the local Tesco and buy my own lil meal deal of pasta pot with a cheeky pack of Dorritos chili hot and died coke.

35Q: oy mate ye 'avin a laff oy

asked by malachite05

oy oy gettin rowdy in ere oy oy gis a pint mi lad

25Q: When does cbbus air?

asked by Philip13

i dont know sorry Philip i didnt even realise US had a CBB!

25Q: Spoiler: John & Amanda are nominated.

asked by paul028

AMANDA will stay love john but he bit vanilla

25Q: mott
Yet another word for a big, unkempt hairy vagina.
Like growler, it's a dirty old matted jungle of a thing.

Hey love, yer Mott's so thick I heard kukaburras in there.

asked by Cornelia

oh LOL i thought it was a typo for Vote DED.

25Q: 3 users you'd like to get to know better?

asked by Brookie0126

ahh i always forget people here but Petro, Koolness and cornelia. and anthousal
and you obvs but i feel im already getting to know you ;) x

57Q: do you like this year CBB?
i find it so boring!

asked by levvy

yeh im actually enjoying it!! shame u find it boring :(

57Q: Would you rather mott out Ann or Amanda?

asked by Cornelia

ahhhhhhh i love both but probably would save Amanda over Ann....

39Q: whats ur name??

asked by Brayden_

Shonda Rymes hello i already told you this

32Q: what is that on your shirt? looks like a ketchup stain

asked by SmoothStalker12

LMAO shutup glasses

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