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0Q: hows it feel to be wearing 2 designs created by ME???

asked by SmoothStalker12

It's a conflict of emotion. On one hand i love the designs, on the other, i dislike you a lot...

0Q: If you have a feeling someone randomly messaged you this week only because they were joining stars, should you evict them when they go up?? Asking for a "friend"

asked by woeisme

Were you friends before? hehehe it would be very tempting i guess

25Q: what do you usually make for lunches during the week? or do you buy lucnh? :)

asked by Tyler93

lately i pop down to the local Tesco and buy my own lil meal deal of pasta pot with a cheeky pack of Dorritos chili hot and died coke.

35Q: oy mate ye 'avin a laff oy

asked by malachite05

oy oy gettin rowdy in ere oy oy gis a pint mi lad

25Q: When does cbbus air?

asked by Philip13

i dont know sorry Philip i didnt even realise US had a CBB!

25Q: Spoiler: John & Amanda are nominated.

asked by paul028

AMANDA will stay love john but he bit vanilla

25Q: mott
Yet another word for a big, unkempt hairy vagina.
Like growler, it's a dirty old matted jungle of a thing.

Hey love, yer Mott's so thick I heard kukaburras in there.

asked by Cornelia

oh LOL i thought it was a typo for Vote DED.

25Q: 3 users you'd like to get to know better?

asked by Brookie0126

ahh i always forget people here but Petro, Koolness and cornelia. and anthousal
and you obvs but i feel im already getting to know you ;) x

57Q: do you like this year CBB?
i find it so boring!

asked by levvy

yeh im actually enjoying it!! shame u find it boring :(

57Q: Would you rather mott out Ann or Amanda?

asked by Cornelia

ahhhhhhh i love both but probably would save Amanda over Ann....

39Q: whats ur name??

asked by Brayden_

Shonda Rymes hello i already told you this

32Q: what is that on your shirt? looks like a ketchup stain

asked by SmoothStalker12

LMAO shutup glasses

15Q: Favorite moment of 2017? #positivity

asked by woeisme

Asia trip hands down :) best month ever so many good memories and i miss it a lot! x

15Q: when is the last time you ate an onion?

asked by SmoothStalker12

Wow actually good question! I really can鈥檛 remember the last time an onion crossed my lips

8Q: which would be your most favourite activity? ... ferris wheel, mini putt, arcade, haunted house, or wax museum. GL :)

asked by Tyler93

mini put haha is that mini golf? this is actually tough choice i would love all of these. umm prolly ferris wheel cos i like lookin at views from high up and they 're like you can switch off from business down bellow for a bit

0Q: Where all you travelling to this year? 馃殔

asked by woeisme

central america next month!!! possibly south america this summer

8Q: what are your top 10 songs

asked by BengalBoy

ermmmm this is too difficult :( and i cant remember names of songs only lyrics so ill have to sing my top 10 ill go make a vocaroo.

8Q: what's your second favourite song

asked by BengalBoy

fuc idk bruno mars locked out of heaven why not off top of mi head

21Q: what鈥檚 your name??

asked by Brayden_

Shonda Rhymes

8Q: opinion

asked by Memphis_Grizzlies

LOL even though you get a lot of press and i dont follow why, i still really like you and count you as one of my good pals. You're always really nice to me and fun to talk to :) x

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