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13Q: Si je viens faire un tour dans la région, on se rencontre pour un ver? :D

asked by Gabriel24

Avec ma vie seule avec les 2 enfants c'est rendu difficile la lol

13Q: Habites-tu à Montreal ou Québec?

asked by Gabriel24

Laval :)

-7Q: What's the biggest dick you sucked?

asked by Jayglezst

My ex the Jamaican one ;)

-13Q: If you could only watch 3 TV shows for the rest of your life
What would they be?

asked by spikedcurley

Grey anatamony
District 31 (Quebec tv show)
And I like game of thrones

-13Q: Weirdest food you ever ate?

asked by Arris

I'm very picky and it's very hard for me to eat new food ...ill say veal liver ? Oh yeah pig tongue! I didn't know it was that before I ate it ...never again lol

0Q: You Avi is Everything Girl ICE QUEENS together!!

asked by D882

Lol hey thanks;)

0Q: why are you so wonderful?

asked by cantmanipulateme

Ohh hey thanks

-7Q: what kind of car would you get if you could pick out anyone you wanted?

asked by Sam_Hamwich

Really I don't know ? But I'll buy a plane if.i could

-4Q: Fmk don draper astone woeisme

asked by Blitszims

F don draper
M woeisme
K astone929

-7Q: Where is somewhere you've always wanted to travel to?

asked by Galaxies

Bora bora or Maldives islands I can't choose but it's so beautiful and look like paradise

-5Q: FMK sweetblossomrose1 tarag matisse

asked by Blitszims

F Nick
Kill taroach

-7Q: FMk
Tarag Astone Me2013

asked by SweetBlossomrose1

F astone
M me2013
K taroach

3Q: do you care about me?

asked by cantmanipulateme

yes i do :)

0Q: Favourite celebrity crush?

asked by Blitszims

Mark wahlberg

35Q: 16 - U guys start look around in the house, but its nobody there, u get scared about the idea his father runaway left his mom and son, untill u heard a scream in the house.

A - Run to see who scream

B - Hide somewhere

asked by Kuririn


0Q: 15 - He cant believe his mom is dead, Gomez realize his Father is missing, he ask u about him...

A - Tell his dad is dead

B - Tell u dont know

C - Tell u gonna look for him

asked by Kuririn

C) poor little guy :(

10Q: 14 - The stranger is a little children, he introduce himself, his name is Gomez and have 11 years. He tells that person who got eaten is his mom...

A - Hug him and tell he is save with they

B - Tell him u fell sorry about his mom

C - Ignore the kid

asked by Kuririn


20Q: 13 - You guys arrive in the kitchen and saw some zombies eating someone, easy to kill, decide to search for supplies and had a glad surprise to see so many food there. U heard someone crying in the closet

A - Open the closet to see who is

B - Tell the stranger is save now

C - Shot in the closet and kill that person

asked by Kuririn


7Q: 12 - The house is beatiful, its not that big, but its not that small, u guys decide to check the place, Kelly the girl left introduce herself for u and u guys hear a noise from  the Kitchen

A - Check the Kitchen with slow moves

B - Run out of there

C - See what your group think is

D - Talk loud to see if is the zombies there.

asked by Kuririn

A) I need the chicken I'm hungry so better go fight those zombies lol I go check slowly ready to fight lol

0Q: 11 - U guys arrive in something like a Farm, they have like 4 houses around

A - Choose the big one

B - Choose the small one

C - Choose the old one

D - Choose the new one

asked by Kuririn


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