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21Q: Thoughts on climate change?

asked by woeisme

Hot and cold depend of the weather

0Q: do u like butter tarts

asked by BengalBoy

What is that lol

0Q: how many sweet little darling kids do you have

asked by Allison

I have 2 :) 2 sons
4 years old and 20 months :)

0Q: Will you plus my design and tell your friends to as well?


asked by supercooldrew5

I'm plussing :)

0Q: favorite and least favorite thing about me?

asked by FireWolf

You always nice and loyal
Least fav? You need to be more positive ❤

15Q: Fmk
Blitszims astone redfabfoxy

asked by SweetBlossomrose1

F Astone
M redfab
K blitzsims
(Sorry fiona but Iam not gay lol)

15Q: Favorite male tengager?

asked by astone929


15Q: Would you leave your boyfriend for woeisme?

asked by Blitszims

No :) woeisme is my best friend :)

0Q: favorite taylor swift song?

asked by ItsAlexia

I don't think I listened a song from her tbh lol maybe on radio but never notice it was her lol?

0Q: When is the first time you locked eyes on matisse and knew she was the one?

asked by SweetBlossomrose1

Hmm you are def drunk...I'm into penis ;)

0Q: Fmk
Tarag matisse kingmac

asked by Blitszims

I'm gonna pull a Fiona here and won't answer it lol

0Q: Getting u back now :P

Don draper

asked by Blitszims

F Bengalboy
M astone
K Don draper

0Q: Row your boat lil barnacle is the fucking dope I took a shit and it floats my jizz looks like cream cheese toast

asked by TwoStep


0Q: https://ezgif.com/images/loadcat.gif

asked by GoodKaren


0Q: https://ezgif.com/images/loadcat.gif

asked by GoodKaren

Love that cat

0Q: https://ezgif.com/images/loadcat.gif

asked by GoodKaren

Lol how can you send more than 1 questions?

0Q: what's the best dream you've ever had

asked by BengalBoy

All the one that I dreamed where i was able to fly
It's always an awesome sensation

0Q: Name your tengaged crush

asked by FireWolf

And someone secret:)

0Q: what's your wildest fantasy

asked by BengalBoy

Omg I can't really say it here it's kinda...too wild

0Q: do you prefer French or English

asked by BengalBoy

French but English in bed lol

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