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0Q: If you could have a orgy with 3 girls on this site, who would it be?

asked by Girllover101

Blah , blah blah, and blahblahblahblah

15Q: are u a bottom or a bottom

asked by TessaBrooks

I’m straight so don’t know what that means

0Q: How are you? (This one should win cuz it shows I care) :)

asked by QueenBec

U won congrats


asked by 2388

That’s not a question bud

10Q: Hottest girl on tg?

asked by Arris


25Q: Will you stop being creepy so I don’t have to neg you all the time? Better?

asked by JustMe

Yes anything for u sue

25Q: If you weren’t creepy I wouldn’t have to neg you all the time

asked by JustMe

That’s not a question hun

25Q: Ok then opinion

asked by JustMe

Ur alright except when u rage my neg blogs

15Q: How’s that an opinion

asked by JustMe

Oh I misread ur ask the first time my bad hun

15Q: My cat is not talking to me :( Why is she ignoring me?

asked by GoodKaren

A birdie told
Her about the doggy

15Q: Please gift me

asked by Lifeiscool

On top of it bud

15Q: Opinion

asked by JustMe

F - Jenna
M - Gaga
K - _____________.


15Q: https://ezgif.com/images/loadcat.gif

asked by GoodKaren

Ur master was playing with puppy gifs

10Q: https://media.giphy.com/media/3ohBVreZ9UQuFWW47e/giphy.gif

asked by Mickiejames22


10Q: https://media.giphy.com/media/bcKmIWkUMCjVm/giphy.gif

asked by GoodKaren

Don’t make ur kitty jealous

0Q: fmk- chelseaaa, nichole98, katarinaducouteau

asked by BengalBoy

F - Nichole
M - Chelsea
K - katarina

That was the easiest fmk ever

0Q: Do you like bread (if yes which type)

asked by SaltyCracker

Pretzel 🥨 yumm

0Q: Why do you hate me.

asked by Mickiejames22

I don’t hate u I hate Charlie day and his high pitched voice

0Q: which tg girl would hurt you the most if they ended your snap streak

asked by BengalBoy

Marrsss cuz she constantly was in the shower

0Q: Why did randomize leave?

asked by Sparky4444

Wouldn’t u if people kept bitching at u non stop?

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