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0Q: your old avatar was T R A S H Y, but that's when you were 13 i think? not sure

asked by Justunreal

Yes it was haha! I'm shocked you remembered me from back then! XD

0Q: remember your old avatar from 2015?

asked by Justunreal

OMG NO!!! :( How bad was it...

0Q: OPINION. go.

asked by 2388

This isn't a question, but I think you can be lovely at most times of the day. We used to be close friends but we drifted apart, and that's kinda really it.

13Q: What's your favorite TG game?

asked by KingB24

Frookies or Stars

23Q: Least favorite castings minigame? Or veto if frookies?

asked by boogie23


26Q: What's one thing you would change about Tengaged?

asked by Johneh

I would bring back the coding for The Duel, so that people could finally shut up about it!, so yeah I would bring back the duel so i could play!

46Q: What is your favorite feature on this site?

asked by GoodKaren

Shops Page! It's where everyone can get so greedy, it's perfect ??

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